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My younger son, Zachary, went up to New Jersey in November to participate in an introduction to life in the Coast Guard.  I talked to him on Christmas Day and he is doing well.   He’s very busy and learning a great deal.  And the size of his group is getting smaller.  Not everyone can handle the rigorous activities.

But Zach is handling it well.  He reports that following graduation and  for the next two years he will be part of the U.S. Coast Guard Ceremonial [[wiki:Honor Guard]].   This is an honor and he is excited to be accepted. Also, he will be stationed nearby  in Alexandria!   We are looking forward to seeing him once in awhile although he will be doing a lot of traveling.

Here is some information about the US Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard.

Also, our local NBC station recently did a story on the current recruits. You can see Zachary and his classmates listening intently to someone. We look forward to going up there in January and watching them all graduate. It sounds like they are really looking forward to it too!


Update: This video is no longer available unfortunately. But I found another one on Youtube that’s pretty good.


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