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Betsy just came into my cave and told me that it’s 24 degrees outside.  And  I am watching Imus and Company as they nearly wax poetic about HBO and their 24/7 videos.   This one has some very beautiful photography along with the intense competitive content.

But it starts out with kids scraping off the pond and lacing up their skates.  That brings back memories of the pond off Milk Street up there in central Massachusetts where the ice freezes thick on days like this one.


It’s cold outside!  But the holidays are over and it’s time to grab the world by its throat!  Take those cold, stiff hands and beat it into submission.  Do the things you promised yourself you would do as you sat in that deep chair, full of holiday treats and turkey, watching blinking lights and listening to Burl Ives sing A Holly Jolly Christmas.  Guess what?  Burl is no longer with us and it’s time to deal with it!

And what about the hockey?  Especially hockey played on a baseball stadium in the middle of winter.  Well, that’s fine.  Finally someone has figured out a way to keep the people awake when they go to the old ball park.  And it’s a good thing, too, because you could easily freeze to death if you fall asleep in this subzero clime.

So let’s get it on.  Walk or run around your neighborhood with all its hobbit-like dwellings.   Gift the booze in the trashcan for your loyal trash collection guy.  Tear up the cigarette pack.  Kiss your overweight mistress good-bye and start sending your kids heartfelt letters EVERY WEEK.  Even if they are still living at home.

It’s the New Year.  And it could be our last one.  So let’s GET IT ON.

And watch the professionals as they demonstrate how tough it’s possible to be while skating backwards.

HBO Movies and TV Series

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