Travels To Cape May New Jersey / Zachary Graduates

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My younger son, Zachary, completed his initial training in the Coast Guard this past week and so B and I traveled up to [[wiki:Cape May, New Jersey]] for the graduation ceremony. The weather was nice although a little chilly and we had a good time crossing over the Delaware Bay on the [[wiki:Cape May-Lewes Ferry]]. We stayed at the Congress Hall Hotel .  Very old, very nice, possibly a few ghosts adding to the ambience.   And I took some photos.   Here you can see:

Zachary and Amanda happy to see each other once again.  The telephone area in barracks where the recruits were allowed to make phone calls once or twice.  The desk where Zach and his buddies would stand at attention for hours at a time.  And then there are photos of the crossing on the ferry.  And a few shots of the hotel.  And maybe a few other things I’m not remembering at the moment.  Anyway, it was a fun time and so I have enlisted Ray Charles to sing about it. 

Let the Good Times Roll Ray Charles


[audio:|titles=02 – Let the Good Times Roll(1)]

2 thoughts on “Travels To Cape May New Jersey / Zachary Graduates

  1. I’m certainly glad you took us along on your journey. A wonderful set of photographs, several of which I would think have strong commercial value. Especially the first shot and one of the other photos of the lighthouse.

    Your description of life in the barracks reminds me of my days in boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois. Not fun!

    You do beautiful work!

    1. Thank you Lowell! I’m so happy you enjoyed this. And it brought back some memories too. That’s great. We are thrilled with Zach’s decision to join the military. He was voted most helpful by his fellow recruits and recognized at the ceremony. Family means everything to Zach and now the size of his family has grown a great deal.

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