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“There is just something distasteful about cramming my fingers in my mouth to floss my teeth. This product is great and I hope Reach continues to support it.”
–Courtney S. Putnam “C.S. Putnam” (Hooper, UT)
Right you are, Courtney! But I cannot decide whether to lay out the bucks to buy these things. Ten bucks for 56 of these little critters? This seems like a lot. Yet each one will probably last three or four days so, let’s see, that’s about a six month supply. And you don’t have to stuff your fingers in your mouth. Flossing is such a pain but definitely worth it once the task is finished. I couldn’t find these at the Rite Aid yesterday. But here they are!

I did find some Daytime Cold and Flu medicine for this rotten cold but it’s not working very well. It almost seems like it is making things worse. Sometimes I have these odd reactions to medications. They do the exact opposite thing. The wrong thing. Pain medication makes the headache worse, for example. Restless legs medicine gives me a case of the jumpy legs.

Does anybody else have this problem? It’s probably not a good idea to ask that question. It could lead to an increased sense of isolation. “Yes, you are totally weird, Mr. Blogger.”

Moving on and changing subjects. Here is something I found on Facebook a few days ago.

It’s a classic! We are just so full of ourselves sometimes. But we are all still here, so what does that say? Although things have been getting a little strange in the “aliens” sphere of things lately.

Last summer I read a book entitled The PK Man about Ted Owens, the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest psychic”. I was doing some weather related experiments because idle time truly is the devil’s workshop. And then, we had the earthquake. I was sitting on the balcony, many  stories up in the air, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, when it started to sway back and forth. That was the beginning of the end of my journey into Ted Owens’ territory. It freaked me out. I couldn’t help but consider the possibility that this jolt was related to Ted and his purported alien spacecraft parked somewhere in earth orbit.

It’s all in this book by Jeffrey Mishlove, PH.D. Parapsychologist. I emailed Mr. Mishlove about my findings but he has apparently moved on to other interests. Or, at least, he was not interested in my “findings”. And, neither was I after the quake.

But we did have a few interesting, positive results prior to August 23. There was a tropical storm bearing down on Haiti and it made a sudden turn away from all those poor people in their tents. There was a swamp fire down near Norfolk that was polluting half the state with smoke and a hurricane put it out in short order. And we called for, and got, a week of superb weather (the smoke went the other way before it was put out) here in Richmond for the U of R orientation. I mean the weather was perfect for a week in the middle of August, for Pete’s Sake! And there was a freaking swamp fire burning out of control down the road!

I was feeling very encouraged. But then the earthquake happened and I was alone at the beach. Betsy was here in Richmond talking to a neighbor in the backyard when the house started sounding like an unbalanced washing machine.

So I took a rain check on all of that. But it’s an interesting subject and I recommend the book for those interested in all the alien related subject matter so popular now on some of the cable channels 30 through 90. When Bets and I were first dating ten years ago we used to watch Muldor and the X-files all the time. So it’s out there! On television anyway. And in the fertile imaginations of many, including yours truly, the blogger who can’t decide whether he wants to buy flossing material on  Or just stick his hand in his mouth. Or his foot. Depending on the circumstances.

More reading about clouds and the weather. . .


The X-files Theme


[audio:|titles=02 – Materia Primoris_ The X-Files Theme (Main Title) (LP Ve(1)]

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