Washington Monument/ Richmond Virginia

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The Washington Monument near the Virginia State Capitol was a gathering point during the Civil War. The South venerated Washington, of course, and felt he would have supported their cause if he was still alive.   There’s a lot of that still goes on today.  Famous figures are brought up and the question asked, “What would they say about this?”   And then someone is always ready to suggest an answer.

Doesn’t it take a little hubris to do something like that?  Anyway, I took this photo while waiting for a marathon to start a few years ago.   Washington and his horse have been frozen in time, running their race, for much longer.





6 thoughts on “Washington Monument/ Richmond Virginia

  1. You are so right…all kinds of folks claim ol’ George as one of their own. What’s funny he would probably have been appalled at such claims. He was a kind of hard-nose who didn’t have time for stupidity. He also was not a Christian in the traditional sense, he liked to drink, he owned slaves, and could be quite brutal. But he was a fine military commander. It is hard to imagine he would put up with southern revisionists who claim the Civil War was about states’ rights!

    Just read an article about the current crop of Republican presidential wannabees who claim Jesus for their own and how Jesus (if indeed there were such a person which is highly doubtful and for which there is no evidence whatsoever) would not have a clue as to what they were talking about…for he was against most everything they stand for. From what he said about rich people and heaven, not one of them could hope to pass through the Pearly Gates!

    They seem to forget the man described in the gospels was many things – he was not a Christian, though, but an orthodox Jew who kept the Law and knew nothing of traditional Christian doctrines such as the Trinity or heaven/hell, etc.

    It’s a strange world we inhabit and getting stranger. 🙂

    1. Yes, I would say that Jesus stood high above the politicians. If he talked their language he never would have allowed himself to be crucified.

      I wonder what George would think about our present situation. But I would keep it to myself and my active imagination. Or, if I was in school and it was a question I would offer some opinions in class. But that seems different from what people do on television in some way.

      I’m not happy with the candidates either. Or the President. I’m waiting for someone. But I have no idea who that might be. Good luck to us all.

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