DC Capitol Washington In Springtime

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A time is coming soon when we will have to ask, “What is good not for the individual or the party but for the country?”, just as we did at the advent of World War II or on 9-11. It’s a shame that such times are so rare and often only brought on by a crisis. It seems that  mistrust governs us most of the time. And so, the approval rate, in a recent poll, of people in this place is around 10 percent.

Nobody wins in a situation like this. I’ve heard all the left/right arguments for so long I’m just numb. And I’m depressed because the country is going down the tubes. There doesn’t seem to be anyone who has the ability to bring it together and so there’s not much hope either.

All I feel like I can do is take photos of a beautiful city in the failing light. Try to be an artist. Avoid futile arguments. Love my wife and kids.

And munch on these.


David Bowie I’m Afraid Of Americans (V1)

[audio:http://www.virginiaphotos.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/20-Im-Afraid-Of-Americans-V1-Radio-Edit-Of-Trent-Reznor-Mix.mp3|titles=20 – I’m Afraid Of Americans (V1) (Radio Edit Of Trent Reznor Mix)]






3 thoughts on “DC Capitol Washington In Springtime

  1. I agree with your comments except to say that to equate the two parties amounts to a false equivalency. The Party of NO has moved so far to the right that it has lost all credibility and ability to govern. Since the inception of the Obama presidency this party has done everything possible to destroy him and his program. Many initiatives the Party of NO sponsored in the past are no anathema simply because Obama supported them.

    Obama isn’t perfect, but the list of his accomplishments — achieved under duress and constant attack — is very long and very impressive. A professor from Lynn University in Boca Raton has put the list together. It’s amazing! If you email me, I’ll send you a link to it.

    If the Party of NO gains the presidency, we are in deep trouble. Not one of the current crop of wannabees has a clue what’s involved and they, by and large, hold the Constitution in contempt.

    1. Sorry this got you stirred up Lowell! But, like I said, I’ve given up taking sides. The ship is sinking and people are fighting about it. Everyone thinks they have a great idea about how to save the ship but they need to work together if there is a chance to save it and themselves. That can happen. It does happen when we are attacked. It needs to happen again soon.

  2. No problem, David, I’ve been involved in political commentary for a long time and I get quite polemical at times. I agree about working together but compromise seems to be impossible when one party refuses to compromise about anything. There’s another component to our present situation that complicates the issue because few in high places would admit it: racism. The idea that a “black” man is president sticks in their craw to the point where they will choke the country to death before they spit it out. And the fact that this particular “black” man is arguably more intelligent and capable and more focused on the well-being of the country than they could hope for sends them into spasms of hatred.

    One gets a sense of this when you watch the video from the CPAC conference of the white nationalists (anti-Semitic racists) addressing the “problem” of diversity and multiculturalism! These two things say these Nazis are destroying the country!

    Did you see where the Koch brothers and their ilk have committed $100 million dollars to defeating Obama in the fall? And that’s over and above what Rove and his PAC and others are spending.

    Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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