Whitney, Judy and Jennifer / We Love You All

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I’m feeling sad today about the passing of Whitney Houston. And so, when I found this photo of [[wiki:Judy Garland]], I was caught up in thoughts about fame and fortune, adoration, human weakness, bad influences and tragedy. When you think about talent that is off the charts you must include these two. Judy and Whitney. Both gone in their late forties with so much life left to live. And missed by so many.

They gave so much to so many. They loved and lost. And now they are in a better place. My guess is that there are concerts in heaven but without all the negative stuff that arrives behind the scenes.

And tonight, at the Grammys, Jennifer Hudson will sing a tribute to Whitney. Will there be a dry eye in the world after she is done? Jennifer, be strong. Stay with your Weight Watchers. Be disciplined. Don’t let the crazies bring you down.

Walk away from the applause. Remember all those you love and where we are all going if we can just keep it together. Don’t let them kill you, too. It’s just the feeling of being loved by millions of people. And the joy of being, for a moment or two, too close to the sun.



Here is one of the greatest performances by any artist of any song you will ever see anywhere. It’s wild, raw and totally different from anything Judy or Whitney would ever do. Because they are all so unique and geniuses in their own ways.





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