Searching For Jewelry Of The Heart

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Here’s something I found at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History down the hall from the Hope Diamond. At some point in the past this bauble was probably hanging around someone’s neck. What’s it called? I have no idea.

So it snowed this past weekend here in Virginia and some of it is still on the ground. I didn’t take any photos of it because it was cold outside and I was preoccupied with a little project here in my office. Rearranging furniture can be time consuming and it requires some heavy lifting, at times, too. You have to be careful not to lose stuff and then there are all the wires that need to be reconnected to all the electronic equipment. I know it sounds boring as hell and it is.

So I have lost my blogging focus and can’t seem to find it. Where did it go? And I have only walked a couple of days in the past week. More consternation. Gas prices are heading up but that’s not an issue here. I still have a third of a tank from when we drove up to Cape May last month. The car just sits there. A few days ago some material arrived in the mail for jury duty. They want to keep tabs on me for two months starting around mid March.

Every once in awhile I need to have a “team meeting” with my coach, aka Betsy, beloved wife and source of reason (or, at least, planning) and try to regain my bearings. We would like to go up to DC this spring and look around for a few days. Hopefully, the jury folks won’t call while we are there. Or, maybe, I can put some dates in this form letter and they will take note of it.

And then there is the tube. Television has been around for about sixty years which, coincidentally, is the length of time we have been watching it. In the history of the world few have been exposed to its “magic” much longer. What has it done during that time to my mind and soul?

I’m thinking “not very much. . . good”. Maybe this is why my consciousness seems to flit from one thing to another looking for a good channel. Isn’t there some place to be that will suffice? Isn’t there a mental state that will be good most of the time?

I wonder and continue to search. When it arrives I will hang it around my neck and close to my heart, an invisible necklace of jewels reflecting a light that does not arrive at the end of a wire.

Here are some photos of DC I have taken in the past and are actually for sale (another project yay!) here . . .

4 thoughts on “Searching For Jewelry Of The Heart

  1. I’m not much into hanging anything around my neck, but some people find such baubles as these to be fun and enjoyable. It’s a beautiful piece, though.

    Your rearranging actually sounds pleasurable except for the heavy lifting and all the chords. I need to do the same thing in our “office,” but the “pressure” of other, more pleasurable things keeps interfering! 🙂

    Hang in there, it’s only gonna get worse! Maybe if you lower your expectations? :-))

    1. Glad you’re finding pleasure there, Lowell. You should expound about it more in your blog. Maybe read some Henry Miller to get warmed up! 🙂

  2. In my previous comment, I wrote “chords” instead of “cords” as you have probably already noticed.

    Please consider this a “musical” moment and not a “senior” moment!

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