Ad Astra Outside The Smithsonian Air And Space Museum

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[[wiki:Ad Astra (Lippold sculpture)]]


Here’s one of the more interesting sculptures in DC. Ad Astra, in Latin, means To The Stars! I have heard from time to time the rationale that we need to colonize other planets because we may mess this one up so badly at some point it will be necessary to leave it in order to preserve the human species.

And here is my response to this notion. If we manage to somehow make this planet uninhabitable we do not deserve a new one. And our species should not be allowed to export our peculiar brand of insanity somewhere else. There should be a limit to consumerism as we know it. Disposable planets, anyone?

But, hopefully, it will not come to this.  We should know a lot more this time next year if all the recent news reports are for real.  



Outside the Air And Space Museum. . .

2 thoughts on “Ad Astra Outside The Smithsonian Air And Space Museum

  1. Impressive sculpture and I like the way you composed the photo.

    I agree with your comments about the notion of colonizing other planets – as if that’s a possibility in anyone’s lifespan. If one of the Republican contenders should make it to the White House, it will be all over for us anyway as he doesn’t believe in the greatest threat the earth is currently facing. As if Global Warming is a matter of “belief.”

    1. Maybe we are being quarantined by aliens racing around the night skies. They don’t seem to mind us going to the moon but I would think they would have definite feelings about Mars or beyond.

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