2 thoughts on “Fox At Maymont Park/ Richmond, Virginia

  1. I think you’re the fox! What a guy! You already made some changes that work very well. First, your site came right up! Wow! And secondly, it didn’t take nearly as long to get to Virginia Photos and it was wonderful to find the statement about your main blog and the link up front! Good work. I’m sure these changes will make a big difference in the near- and long-term.

    Interesting shot! The fox looks tired. You wouldn’t have gotten this close to him so you must have used a long lens, right?

  2. Thanks Lowell. I appreciate your suggestions. You are a helpful guy. I think you said you were a teacher for many years. Clearly blog readers should check out your work!

    This fox lives in a small area in the park with a stream running through it. There’s a high fence around it and a bridge where you can look down and see him. I was using a telephoto lens. Trees protected the area from too much sun and it was an easy place to take photos. I only wish I could relax like this guy.

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