Appomattox Virginia/ Where The Civil War Ended

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It’s not even 9 am this morning and the temperature is up to 63 degrees. The sun is bright too. Could be a really nice day. Welcome to March!  This photo was taken a few years ago in Appomattox, Virginia. Grant and Lee met here as the Civil War ended.
It’s a great moment when war ends. The best. Hopefully we are getting to that point in our war in Afghanistan. It can’t come soon enough. The Civil War lasted a long five years but this has been going on twice as long. I’m starting to appreciate Ron Paul’s attitude towards these things.
They have done a nice job preserving all the buildings, fences and grounds in this Appomattox settlement. It represents a joyous moment in history. Mankind was tired of destroying itself. It turned its face towards peace for awhile. And America became a prosperous place.

So I was driving back from Lynchburg and decided to stop in here. It was a nice day (just like today) and well worth the effort. You can stand on the spot where the generals met and look out over the fields and woods. It really wasn’t so long ago. Did you know that the grandson of President [[wiki:John Tyler]] is still alive and lives in Virginia? And President Tyler was in office long before the Civil War from 1841 until 1845.

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