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This is a theme day topic and it was taken in downtown Richmond, Virginia next to the great canal that helped to open up the continent to exploration and settling a few centuries ago. Water was our first transportation resource. Later, it was iron, steel and the railroads which were pretty much laid down on top of the canals. Now we are up in the sky with the airlines on top of everything.

14 thoughts on “Theme Day Topic/ Electricity

  1. A very fine post for the theme, David. What a gorgeous sunset and I love the wires silhouetted against the red and gold.

    I hope you’re starting to get a few comments by now. Don’t give up, though. It can take awhile.

  2. Hi, David. Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. Yes, there was a battle over direct and alternating current, with Thomas Edison on the losing side, pushing for direct current (which is indeed more dangerous) and George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla pushing for alternating current. Even though Edison lost this particular battle, he seems to have done pretty well for himself.

    Nice photograph of a fiery sky behind the power lines.

    1. Thanks Jack. Yes, Edison was amazing. I should try to find a good biography and read it. Especially since that was such an interesting time in US history.

  3. Hi, i love this photo very much… i am a sky/sunset photo lover.

    and btw, thanks for the visit. i love your blog, it is so neat.

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