The Burmese Snub-Nosed Monkey/ Georgia Aquarium/ Extinction And My Animal Friends

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All the snow is gone this morning.  It was a halfhearted attempt to bring back winter and it failed.   But this morning it is 24 degrees outside so maybe it’s not quite over.

I have been reading about the Snub-nosed monkey and its plight out there in Myanmar.  It was only recently discovered and scientists are concerned it may become extinct as there  may only be 300 or so of the little guys around.  “Monkey, we hardly knew you”.


Here is a photo of the Snub-nosed Monkey from the BBC News Science and Environment.  They are so amazing, aren’t they?  So I’m caught up in the animal world this morning and have been working on a photo of another awesome creature we ran into down in Atlanta.  I’m not even sure what its called but no big deal.  A name is just something we stick on it.  It has nothing to do with the essence of the creature.   I’ve had this photo for a long time but was always bothered by the second fish tail up there.


Now with the help of PS Elements it is, hopefully, better and ready for prime time. What do you think? The Georgia Aquarium is such a cool place. The layout allows you to become immersed in the fish environment as you look overhead and see huge fish gliding along. Betsy, my wife, tells me that if she is reincarnated she wants to come back as a dolphin. So it’s very important that I get with the program here if I want to chase her around in the year 2100.



Update: Betsy tells me that she thinks this is a Guitar Shark so named (I guess) because it is shaped like a guitar.
Here are some Google photos of it.

(When you are going to be a dolphin I guess it’s a good idea to know the names of the other sea dwellers. Especially if they are big, shaped like a guitar and you are a rock and roll fan like some people I know.)

5 thoughts on “The Burmese Snub-Nosed Monkey/ Georgia Aquarium/ Extinction And My Animal Friends

  1. They said it was going to hit double digits (in celcius) today here in Toronto. I’m not seeing how that’s going to happen though. It’s -3 right now with tiny flurries. :S

    I’m not really fond of monkeys, but those guys are cute. And I like your fish. He looks like a giant catfish to me!! 🙂

    1. According to my conversion chart Halcyon that’s about the same temp we have way down here in Virginia. Interesting. Betsy tells me this is a Guitar Shark. But it could be a catfish!

  2. I really like the aquarium pictures – it looks as though they are taken from underwater… thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment!

  3. The monkeys are cute. Some people, years ago, thought The Monkees were cute. Sorry to hear these monkeys are having problems existing. I have a problem with a lot of monkeys that look like humans.

    The aquarium thingy: It’s the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Didn’t you know that.

    It’s only 54 degrees here this morning! Try to stay warm.

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