Life In Richmond, Virginia / Hollywood Cemetery / Dodging Solar Flares And Running Out Of Gas

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So I dropped my Honda Accord off at the Pearson Honda Dealership for them to install a new timing belt and they offered to give me a car for the day so I wouldn’t have to sit around and wait.  I had visions of driving some sort of sports car because I’m an incurable and utterly foolish optimist.  And, once more, reality was eager and ready to remind me of the  facts of life.  A couple of us were given a ride across the street to the Enterprise Car Rental store where a young lady had me fill out one of those contracts with the tiny print and then handed over the keys to a Honda Civic with a dirty windshield.

She says, “It’s got an eighth of a tank of gas” in it.  So I’m going across town in this car and look at the gas gauge.   The red line is under the E as in Empty.  It’s almost gone.  It’s about half the size of the E.   So I call the Honda place and they tell me I should definitely get some gas.  And then I call her to ask her why she put me in a car with hardly any gas.  She tells me that there’s plenty of gas in it to go across town and back.  The warning light hasn’t even come on yet. 

But I’m going to get a gallon of gas before I go back because the folks who are supposed to know have given me conflicting opinions.  And I don’t want to run out of gas on the highway.  I don’t use rental cars very often and I’m just wondering, “What the H is going on?”. 
But it looks like we are going to have some beautiful weather today.  Temperatures in the 70’s. lots of sun and winds from the south about 20 mph.   There are a couple of solar flares heading our way and they promise to shake things up a bit.  Although not the most powerful of their class these balls of gas can shake the magnetic field in the atmosphere and this causes electrical discharges that can cause havoc.  The electrical grid can be affected.  Satellites can be messed up.  And there should be a nice display of northern lights in some areas. 
Not a good day for transportation (as I have already determined).   Here’s a photo of my Honda Accord parked in front of the house.  Actually it’s a mausoleum at Hollywood Cemetery, a landmark here in Richmond, that is the residence of many famous folks, including several US Presidents.  Probably the solar flares are not too much of a worry to them.  Sometimes, you have to admire their situation and the peaceful place that has become their home. 

One thought on “Life In Richmond, Virginia / Hollywood Cemetery / Dodging Solar Flares And Running Out Of Gas

  1. At my Acura dealer, they give me a new Acura to drive when my car is being serviced, and it is usually filled with gas. I’ve never had to put gas in the tank.

    They’re a very good dealer!

    The biggest problem I have is not my car. It’s me. I run out of gas all the time, and sometimes it happens before I know it and then I’m in big trouble. But there’s a conundrum because I’ve people tell me I’m a gasbag. If I keep running out of gas, how can I be a gasbag? I dunno!

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