The Squirrel And The Coming Earthquake / Spring Arrives In Virginia

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Spring is here today. It arrived early this morning and we are all happy here in Virginia. In honor of this event here is a picture of one of our backyard squirrels. He is enjoying the nice weather too.


Wind chimes in your yard will serenade garden creatures – squirrels, fairies and angels. ~Author Unknown


And the wind chimes are doing a great job today, putting a nice breeze to music for us all. Virginia is like this in March. It can be snowing one day and warm as summer a few days later. You never know. The seasons collide and leave us wondering “what’s next?”  Last night I dreamed about an earthquake. Hopefully this is not in our future anytime soon. Although when I told Betsy about the dream she informed me that her daughter, Stephanie, also dreamed about one a few days ago.

So I’m thinking  maybe there’s  going to be an earthquake.  Maybe that’s what this squirrel is trying to tell me. He has a concerned look on his face. Maybe he’s just trying to protect his nuts. Or, he’s preparing for the earth to shake, rattle and roll. It’s hard to tell.

Only time will tell, Mr. Squirrel. We may be sleeping with you in the backyard if things get too out of hand.


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