Scott’s 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower / Doing Three Things At Once

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It certainly did get cold again!  Freezing weather.  But the sun feels good today and it was a perfect morning to mow the grass.  Our lawn mower lost its self-propelled feature awhile ago and pushing it was a real chore because it is so heavy.  So Betsy suggested we buy a push reel lawn mower and it’s perfect for the job!  There’s no gas or oil involved.  It’s quiet so I can listen to my music and it’s just a little bit of an upper body workout so I can start to work on those muscles.  They feel sadly neglected when I walk.

So today’s walk started with a 1.3 tour around the yard behind the spinning blades of a new toy.   It hung up a few times when sticks got in there but for the most part lived up to expectations.  After finishing the yard I headed down the road on my regular walking route and was amazed at how light I felt.  The sudden release from the pushing action apparently did not go unnoticed on some level.

I did tire out after four miles and headed home to sit on the back deck and nod off for a few minutes.  The birds were talking and the sun felt good.  I had a short revery about being 24 again, living in Boston and walking down the street on a New England spring day.  I  was there, in fact, and it was a happy visitation for a moment or two.  Those were the days.  Being young and in love.  A distant memory for the most part.

But I would not trade it for these days.  In so many ways they are better.  It’s nice to know a few things and to be farther along in the journey.  It’s especially nice to have a few treacherous times in the past.  The sun is warm and there is an angel around here somewhere.  Where did she go?

Here’s a photo of our new lawn mower.  I recommend it for those of us who need a little exercise.  Gas is almost four dollars a gallon and this baby doesn’t need any of it.  It runs on sweat.  And sweat is free. So we are doing three things at once here: 1) Mowing the grass 2) Listening to music 3) Walking and getting exercise.

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4 thoughts on “Scott’s 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower / Doing Three Things At Once

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you are walking behind a lawn mower propelling it by your own power because that way you get some exercise and stay out of trouble. Not that you normally get into trouble, but trouble can sometimes find you if you’re not busily engaged in things like cutting grass.

    I’m also glad to hear that you have the kind of grass which is appropriate for this kind of lawnmower. At our last house, we had St. Augustine grass, which would take this lawnmower, chew it up spit it out. In fact, I tried this lawnmower once, and the grass stood up straight, said to the lawnmower, “Your ass is grass and I’m the lawnmower.”

    I thought that was severely inappropriate but no one can control St. Augustine grass. Thus I bought a small riding mower and the grass fought that, too, but eventually the riding mower won out. Also, we had close to a half-acre to cut.

    Okay, I’m done with that subject.

    Sounds like you are doing well, still philosophizing, glad you’re not young again having to experience all the terrors of youth. I’m glad for that.

    And just remember, if someone tries to make you feel bad, you can mow ’em down ’cause you’re a cut above such folks!

    1. I imagine St Augustine grass was named after St. Augustine Lowell. Maybe because it will never die. You have to have really tough grass down there that will stand up to the hot Florida sun. I am happy that you are able to witness these conversations between the grass and your lawnmower. You have so much potential dude! My lawnmower wants to say “hi” to your lawnmower by the way.

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