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On my walk today I was thinking about this video I want to do about old men running. Or, at least, one old man running. It would start out with pictures of the teetering fool sitting there forty pounds overweight and trying to smile. The fat in his neck makes him look like a seal hoping someone will throw him a fish.

(How do I write this so it doesn’t sound foolish or self-aggrandizing? I don’t know. So let’s just write it and not worry about how it turns out.)

So we start out with some photos. I should have taken more of them. The “before” shots. But I really didn’t think I would get to here. So what was the point?

And we need music, of course. Music is the glue that holds all of this together. The video. The effort behind the video. And the universe, too, for all I know. God makes me go through music. Lets see. Which track would make this. . .

TRANSITION: Alright, that’s enough of the fat photos. The music has started to play slowly, quietly and as soon as a few new instruments join in we cut to the video of one of the roads around here. There’s a hill a couple of hundred feet down this road and the runner is coming up over it towards the camera. You can see his head and a little steam coming off it. Now his shoulders appear. And now you can see his waist. He’s jogging slowly and it’s clear that there’s no more problem with excess weight. He’s a runner! A lean, not so mean, running machine. Here he comes and off he goes on by the camera into the distance.

TRANSITION: More instruments join in. And voices. There’s some percussion and we are no longer in the woods. Now we see video of runners in the local half-marathon going along the road. We see our subject among them and he is running, not walking and keeping up with the others. We see some photos from last year of him trying to walk the distance. Nearly coming in last. But finishing anyway. Then there is a quick move back to the present.


TRANSITION: The music changes again. It’s kind of like “Zap” and the video is of the final hill and the finish line of the marathon and half-marathon with runners coming towards the camera and the finish line. You can see them coming down the hill in various degrees of elation, pain and/or exhaustion. Our old man runner is coming down the hill, too, and he’s competing this time. He has run each mile at a 8 minute pace and so he’s among the top runners in the sixties division. The crowds on either side are into it.

Here he comes.






Hey! We must all have our fantasies. And, given enough work, some of them may just become reality.

But let’s  HOPE that “running grandpa” doesn’t end up looking like this in his video!  Or maybe we do.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Your Fantasy/ Walking Every Day / Learning To Run / Making Videos And Having Fun

  1. Thanx for nothing! I need to lose a pound or thirty but can’t run ’cause of my knee. I can play golf, though. But that doesn’t take off the weight. I guess, as a last resort, I’ll have to cut back on the amount of calories I take in daily. Damn!

    Looks like you’ve done a good job with the weight loss and running. I’m impressed!

    1. I can feel for you Lowell. That knee is keeping you from doing the simple things that will bring off the weight. I don’t know what I would do in your shoes. Maybe swim? There’s lots of water down there in Florida. If you decided to do something maybe you could get in the pool!

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