Crazy Commercial Of The Week / ZQuiet Will Put You Out!

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This week’s Crazy Commercial winner is ZQuiet!   And here we have a young man and his girl as they settle down for a restful night’s sleep after he inserts the ZQuiet device in his mouth.  Clearly the ZQuiet device is not only a cure for snoring but a potent sleep aid as the young man is instantly comatose once his head hits the pillow.  I’m wondering if he’s using MyPillow, another peacemaker in the bedroom,  since he’s instantly OUT and it’s not clear exactly why ZQuiet has such a profound effect.


I couldn’t find an exact replica of the commercial on Youtube but it’s part of this one which, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, is in Spanish.  At least I think it’s Spanish.  My foreign language skills were profoundly effected in the third grade when we were forced to sit on the floor and watch a young lady try to teach us French on a twelve inch television.

But getting back to our young couple, every time I see this commercial I’m very impressed with the length of time it requires this guy to enter his dreamland vistas.  It’s as if he is unaware there’s a beautiful, young lady parked next to him.  Touching him.  And not unhappy at the moment.

I’m not saying they should launch into something here but wouldn’t a “goodnight dear” or a little kiss be in order?   Has the snoring been so bad prior to the coming of ZQuiet they have lost the desire to communicate entirely?  Then why are they even sleeping in the same bed?  Wouldn’t it be simpler to sleep apart and then our young stud wouldn’t have to sleep with a big chunk of plastic in his maw?

So many questions.  And so little time.  I guess it really is all about time and the ZQuiet folks clearly want to talk about the ZQuiet device.  But they ought to consider the notion that we want to talk about other things.  And this commercial seems utterly fake.   They should take a cue from the ED people who know how to make a commercial.  Here’s a guy who has taken his Viagra (or whatever)  and he’s sitting in an old bathtub with his girl next to him in HER own bathtub.  Because you need two old bathtubs in the backyard to make a good commercial!

But the point is he’s used the product and yet he hasn’t jumped on top of his partner!  Why?  Because IT TAKES TIME To Work!  And even if it IS WORKING we want to see a little human interaction.  The product is not some crack-like inducement to instant results that overrules every cell in our bodies AND our minds as well.  And while I’m on this subject let’s also allow that a television commercial isn’t going to overrule our sense of reality either.  Our minds will fight back!  And so they have here.

Now, where did I put the remote?


3 thoughts on “Crazy Commercial Of The Week / ZQuiet Will Put You Out!

  1. Funny! I agree that the ED commercials are the dumbest things ever. Most of the actors look like they’re barely 30 years old and none of them appear to have the least interest in sex, but rather stand around looking moon-faced at each other. Stupid. It’s enough to drive one to porn! 😉

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