NBC12 New Cover Photo Contest / Vote! / Bringing Us All Together

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So the local NBC station, NBC 12 decided to have a photo contest for their Facebook page and picked out eight photos to be finalists.  One of my photos is one of them but it’s not winning.  There are a couple other photos that have more votes.  Maybe they are better.  Probably so.  I was surprised to get 75 votes because I don’t have that many family members on FB.


It may have something to do with karma too.  Because I never vote after watching American Idol.  These young people get up there and sing their guts out in front of millions of people.  Sometimes they are humiliated by the judges and have to keep on smiling.  They hold up their fingers so we can figure out how to vote for them.

And, apparently, millions of people do vote.  Although they did something last week that looked phoney.  One of the best singers in the remaining group was voted off!  Jessica Sanchez, who is a very nice talent, got the fewest votes!  Apparently.  So the judges rushed up on the stage and saved her.  One of the other contestants,  Elise Testone,  had a funny smile on her face through the whole process.  She didn’t look worried at all about going home.  Maybe she knew something ahead of time?  Because last week she looked very unhappy after a poor performance.  The girl doesn’t know how to hide her feelings.

I don’t think there’s much chance she will become an actress.

Whatever.  Maybe the whole process is rigged.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  But it would really surprise me if I won the NBC12 new cover photo for their FB page contest.  And it would really, really surprise me if I end up rich and famous because of photography.   Or anything at all!   My best bet is probably to figure out some way to write that is actually very interesting.   Think of [[wiki:Jack Handey]], for example.   Jack Handey said,  “It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man”.   That’s just genius in action.

And maybe a good agent, too.  But the point is he became somewhat rich and famous by writing sentences!  Not books.  Not even pamphlets. Writing sentences isn’t too hard!  We all can do that.  But how do we make them really interesting, funny and then get them in front of millions of people?   Ah, there’s the rub.

Maybe I could do a sitcom!   It would start out being a blog and the daily ramblings of a blogger.  But then, at some point,  this blogger and his readers would all end up on NBC12!  Cool!   Right now I’m watching American Pickers on the History Channel.  We all know it’s about two guys and their search for really exciting junk that’s been hiding out in old barns for a long time.  So anything is possible if not very likely.

One thing that I have noticed is that our local NBC channel has done a good job of interacting with folks on Facebook. They start discussions about things like Tom Brady’s new mansion out there in California and they ask questions like this. . .”If you were the lone winner of tonight’s Mega-Millions lotto Jackpot. . . So let me ask you – is it true that money can’t buy happiness – or is that just something people of modest income say to make themselves feel better..?”.

They post pictures and ask us to add captions. They’re nice. And I’m starting to feel like we are all in this thing together. Although I’m still not feeling like my pic is going to be their new cover photo. It has been fun to be included though. And it’s fun blogging as well. Ten years ago it would just have been an old guy with his big television box being fed media nonsense.

Now he can interact! And send nonsense back to the world! He’s much less isolated (as are we all in a way) and using his imagination. He has even learned to talk about himself in the third person! What’s next?!

Maybe he should make a Youtube video! It worked for [[wiki:Justin Bieber]]!



3 thoughts on “NBC12 New Cover Photo Contest / Vote! / Bringing Us All Together

  1. Your photo is delicious and you should definitely win and if you don’t, I think that would prove that without question there is no God!

    You do have a way with words but I think if you write a sitcom about a blogger it wouldn’t even make the FAUX News network. I mean, really, who wants to read the rantings of a blogger? Me, me, me!!! Give it a try. I really will back you up.

    But you have to refrain from even so much as mentioning Justin whateverhisnameis. OK?

    1. He whose name cannot be said? Wait! That’s Harry Potter! We have moved on to another book! How exciting!! I’m having little fantasies lately when I blog. It will probably pass soon.

  2. Here’s a thought. Write the sentences on paper and then hold them up for the camera while you video them. Then put the video on YouTube. You never know, it could go viral. It’s work for some people! I love the beauty of words and I love when someone uses them in a way that speaks to me – in whatever media they choose! If you do it, the YouTube video, let me know. I’d definitely want to see it! 🙂

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