Zachary And The Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard / Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier / Jury Duty / The End Of Parenting

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It’s Monday morning, sports fans and time to move forward!  Embrace the challenges of the coming week!  Did anybody watch the Stanley Cup playoff games this past weekend?  Talk about a rowdy affair!  There were lots of fights.  Lots of closeups of guys with their front teeth missing.  And the crowds were enjoying it. 

But I was not really enjoying it.  It’s amazing to watch these guys skating so fast and playing with the puck at the same time.  But I wish they would do more of that and less of the other stuff.  Because they don’t look very graceful when they fight.   All the magic flies out the window.  Sometimes things actually degenerate into a hair pulling contest.  And who wants to see that?  Maybe if they were female wrestlers it would be alright.  Mud wrestling can be fun to watch.  At least you know, up front, what you are getting into. 

I hate ending sentences with prepositions.  You are not supposed to do it.  I have failed.  Once again. 
But it’s a new week and there’s still time to make something happen.  Tomorrow I have jury duty.  And I can’t decide what to wear.  Probably a sport coat and a tie would be good.  It would show respect for the court.  Someone recently said on television that defendants are dressed by their lawyers in suits that are too big for them.  So they will look a bit less threatening I suppose.  If  I am chosen for a trial I’m ready for that one!  

Zachary paid us a visit this past weekend.  Today he is going to participate in a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  A few weeks ago he was involved in a ceremony where President Obama strolled by (more prepositions durnit!).   He also spent some time training last week in the hangar where Air Force One is located.  So he’s getting around!  And he’s growing up.  I’ve noticed he doesn’t give me a lot of crap when I say something he doesn’t like.  He just keeps on going down the road as they say. 

He doesn’t leave.  I don’t mean to imply that he just gets up and marches out the door.  But, in his mind, he doesn’t dwell on my irritating statements.  He has more important things to worry about these days.  Like not screwing up in front of the President and dignitaries from around the world.
Ah, America.  You’ve gotta love it.
And I can worry about, well, my own problems.  After 38 years of being a parent (long before Zach arrived)  it seems like my official parenting duties are over!  “Over”  as in “over the hill” which is another preposition!  Ahhhh!  It’s a good feeling, I have to say.  Now, what color tie should I wear to the courthouse tomorrow?  Something really wild might be good (just to confuse them).   The problem is that I have cleaned up my act so much in the past year I’m not likely to fool them.  I got the Terry Bradshaw haircut.  But that is also the Larry David haircut.   And I often am accused by certain family members of being a Larry David clone which could not make anyone happy.  
Maybe I should wear tennis shoes and be  like Larry!    I’m actually looking forward to participating in the process.  But do they want me?  I hope so!  I have so much to contribute! 
And I’m ready to go! 

5 thoughts on “Zachary And The Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard / Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier / Jury Duty / The End Of Parenting

  1. Better bring a good book! Not so sure about a camera. They’re considered rather like weapons these days. You could try though. I don’t know what they’d charge you with! Heh, heh. And the grammar situation is dire. I just dunno what this world is coming to.

    Kudos to Zachary. I think he’s maybe got you figured out. At least he knows now what he’s working with. And he knows where you’re coming from.

    And I am going to quit now!

    Hope the week you have is good!


    1. You’re right. Cameras are considered to be a problem in some quarters. I’m so glad you keep taking photos when you’re out shopping.

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