2 thoughts on “Soon We Will Be Here / Photo Theme For Thursday

  1. First of all, your blog’s new look is very attractive and much easier to read and negotiate! Muy bueno!

    Secondly, is that you with the surfboard? Are you saying you haven’t been in the water yet this spring? At one point, I lived in Los Angeles and spent many happy days at Muscle Beach. Now, there we had surf and we had a great time. I was really disappointed with the surfing possibilities of the Atlantic. Of course, I am now of the age where the only surfing I do is on the TV channels and the Internet.

    Re the Olive Garden: Thanks for you compliment. Our oldest daughter was visiting us from Colorado and we took her out of dinner – she loves the Olive Garden, and we like the place as well. We did not try their new offerings. Lois Anne is a vegetarian. I think I had the flatbread chicken/cheese appetizer and salad. Got to have the salad and breadsticks!

    1. Thanks Lowell. I’m pretty excited about this theme. It allows someone without a lot of knowledge to do many things. That is not me with the surfboard although the guy is probably in my age group. We have not yet been in the water but are looking forward to going to the beach! Summer will be here soon! So you are/were a surfer! We are always discovering things about you! I bet there is still much to learn. Olive Garden is one restaurant everyone in our family can agree on! There are not many of those. We enjoy it and the salads are great! We are less enthusiastic in total over the bread sticks.

      But it’s nice to have everyone together and have a night out. We appreciate that very much.

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