Photo Friday / Portraiture / Permalink Changes For Better Performance

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I’ve really done a lot of photo meme posts this past week. They are fairly easy to do. I also found a new theme, Weaver II, which allows someone who doesn’t play with CSS to make many theme adjustments and alterations. You can also give your blog different looks and styles, with predominantly dark colors to white to turquoise with a couple of clicks. The pro version is only 30 dollars and it includes many more options. I’m a happy camper.

I also changed the permalink structure without too much of a problem. WordPress recently added a Postname setting option (dashboard/settings/ permalinks) which makes things a whole lot easier. It automatically does redirects too, so I was able to ditch the dates (day, month, year) in the URL and, hopefully, make older posts more accessible in the search engines. Let’s face it, my posts are timeless! Or, at least, it doesn’t matter much if they are three or four years old. Especially photos like the one posted here for Photo Friday, Portraiture. This is my granddaughter, Joy, who I rarely see, unfortunately.

Here’s an excellent conversation about permalinks for anybody who wants to get down in the weeds. Thanks to WordPress for addressing some of the issues discussed here in their recent updates.

I miss this little girl. We don’t see her or her brother and sister very much. And they grow up so quickly.

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