Photo Time “New” / So Many New Things Including A New Day

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The new theme this week at Photo Time is “New”.  Simple, right?  I started thinking about photos of something new and quickly realized it’s a long list.  So I pulled up a photo of a new flower for starters. And then there is the dawn and a new day. I’ve just been reading about Google Drive, a new service to store files that looks promising. Maybe a pic of a cloud would cover that one. I have a nice photo of Kellan when he was a few days old. We could go there. There’s a new book on the shelf I’ve been reading. . .the list goes on and on. And so I bogged down, just like a computer that is trying to deal with a huge file.

Wait a second. It’s not supposed to go like this so early in the morning! Let’s back up. Blogging should be about simplicity in my case. I don’t have any topics that require a lot of work. Study. I was reading earlier from a blogger who does that admirably. And she has a great number of loyal followers. Perhaps I shall be one of them.

But I’m just a flighty old guy. If you stay with me for fifteen seconds we have had a party. So here’s a photo of a new flower. Enjoy.  And be happy.  It’s a new day!



5 thoughts on “Photo Time “New” / So Many New Things Including A New Day

  1. Very clever post!
    Thank you for joining in the fun, and for your very creative entry. I try to pick topics that are very vague, to give photographers and bloggers more range and creativity. Though have been known to pick easy ones as well.
    Love that bud, it’s an orchid, correct?

    1. Hi Freda. Yes, it is. Direct from the Botanical Garden is DC if I remember correctly. Can’t think of the name. Have a fun weekend!

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