Tools Of Williamsburg Virginia Carpentry / Photo Theme For Thursday

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It’s Thursday already.  Where did the week go?  It seems like just yesterday I was trying to find my way out of DC. and heading north on the George Washington Parkway.  The only problem being that we live south of Washington in Richmond, Virginia.

But we must have made it home because I can see the back yard out the window.  The birds have nested around the air conditioner and they continue to make a racket.  And the woodworking shop is out there.  The theme this week at Photo Theme for Thursday is Tools and here we have a craftsman making a wagon wheel down there in Williamsburg, Virginia. The tool is hanging on the wall and it helps to bring various elements of the photo together in my view.

Here is a work by William Blake that has a divider in it. Blake was not fond of Newton or science in general as this article points out.  


There’s this whole belief system that associates science with the Devil and I guess Blake would be one of its proponents. Anyway, our carpenter friend is trying to make a wagon wheel out of wood which cannot be any easy thing. It must stand up to a lot of stress and pounding on unpaved roads. No GPS either. My God, how did they manage?

6 thoughts on “Tools Of Williamsburg Virginia Carpentry / Photo Theme For Thursday

  1. That’s a beautiful photograph! I love wood and wood-working although I have no skills in that area.

    I’ve read some about these wooden wagon wheels. They didn’t hold up all that well. One major problem with the westward movement was that the wagon wheels broke frequently and everything had to stop while they were being repaired.

    I think I remember a divider from a drafting class (many long years ago!). There is still a huge divide between science and religion. It seems to get worse as the god of the gaps begins to fade as the gaps in our knowledge are closed by scientific discovery. Unfortunately, millions of people refuse to accept that fact, except of course, when scientific discoveries in the medical field serve to keep them alive a little longer! 🙂

    I’ve just read a book by Victor J. Stenger, the noted physicist, which claims that science can now prove there is no god. It’s a good book!

    1. That’s interesting about the wagon wheels Lowell. It must have been quite discouraging to have them break down. Maybe they carried extras like the spares we carry in the trunk of a car. Science and religion will probably always be at odds. Both seem useful to me but are sometimes misused. It’s the person behind the curtain who causes all the problems!

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