WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused / Downtown Lights Richmond Virginia

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Taking photos as darkness falls can be challenging. I thought my camera settings were alright for this one but, as frequently happens, they were off a bit. And I was not using a solid surface of some sort to keep the camera still. There was a lot going on and surprisingly enough, something interesting resulted as many of the people sitting around at the folk festival looked like they were beamed down from the buildings of Richmond’s business district.

WordPress is doing some good work helping bloggers, suggesting topics and avenues for readership. Their photo challenge this week is “unfocused” and this photo has found a home!


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9 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused / Downtown Lights Richmond Virginia

  1. This is a nice, creative photo! I’ve always wanted to try that effect but never have. It’s impressive, especially with all the colors blended in. And I see you took it with a D70. I bought a D70 shortly after it first came out. It was hard to locate one but finally did in a mall west of Fort Lauderdale. Cost over $1200. I loved it and still do but it has a problem – in the middle of a shoot it just shuts down and says the card needs to be formatted. The card is just fine. Sometimes if I take the card out and replace it the camera will work for awhile but not always. I was thinking of having it fixed but it may not be worth the money. And I’ve got a D300, Lois Anne uses a D40 plus we’ve got other point & shoots…

    1. Thanks Lowell. I have had the same problem with my D70 but only a couple of times. Coincidentally, I have a D40 as well and it serves as a good backup. It’s also good when you want something a little lighter for walks or whatever. But you have the D300. A great camera. How do you like it?

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