The Sea Levels They Are Rising / Prepare to Man The Lifeboats / Photo Friday “Downward”

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The photo challenge at Photo Friday this week is to represent “downward” visually. And here we have a dredger at Virginia Beach moving sand around to fix a couple of things. First, it is located in Rudee’s Inlet as it removes the sand that would eventually prevent boats from getting in and out of the bay. It sucks up sand much as I used to suck up to my college professors in order to navigate the corridors of higher learning. Then it sends the sand back down the beach where erosion will eventually destroy the boardwalk and the buildings if you let it happen. Much of the sea water is simply returned to the ocean in the process we see in this photo.

Sea water going downward.

All of this, of course, is much like doing something to relieve oneself into the wind as sea levels are rising at an increasing rate. We can see this happening here at home in the Chesapeake Bay where communities are no longer habitable in some places. Here’s a short video describing the rate of sea level change.


But let’s not get too disturbed about that! Here’s another video with a charming soundtrack demonstrating how land mass around the world will change in the event sea levels rise to a certain level. I want to thank the person(s) who made this video for not dwelling on sea rise in the U.S, in general, and particularly on the east coast, say, around Virginia Beach. Although, it is clear we are all F’ed if the oceans rise 80 meters.


How did I get from a photo meme about “downward” to drowning while I’m getting a sun tan a good distance from the surf? No idea. But it does seem like a good thing to keep in mind as we go down the road.

2 thoughts on “The Sea Levels They Are Rising / Prepare to Man The Lifeboats / Photo Friday “Downward”

  1. Hi Dave…if you watched some of The Frozen Planet, you’ll have a very good idea as to what is happening with regard to sea ice and why right now parts of Miami are 3-4 inches underwater at high tide. It’s coming and much faster than the scientists had originally thought. But, according to many of our politicians, there’s no such thing as global warming. I mean, it says right there in the Bible that only God can cause climate change! (Or course that was written about 750 BCE by people totally ignorant the world in which they lived!)

    Fortunately, although Florida is in big trouble, I live in the center of the state some 100 feet above sea level, so should be safe for a while, anyway. But I’m afraid tourism and agriculture are doomed and that means the end of the state.

    But they’re still building high rises on Miami Beach!!!!!

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