New Report / Fat In America / One Third Of The Country Obese / Let’s Not Drink To That

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There’s a new report out that indicates healthcare costs may explode (again) over the obesity problem in the U.S..  Roughly a third of all Americans are obese now and that percentage could reach 42% by 2030. Half of the country could be obese by the time I am ready to die. An old, old man. Save me Jesus from the fat.

I am ready to go.

It’s easy to calculate your situation using this fat meter happily provided by the Department of Health and Services. It’s not easy getting to your BMI either. The Body Mass Index uses height and weight to come up with the good/bad news. I was obese but have lost forty pounds since last summer and am still fifteen pounds overweight according to its merciless math.

So let’s see. . .how many things do we talk about here that are challenges to our collective health.

1. Obesity
2. Alcohol related problems
3. Depression
4. Smoking

All it takes to fight the good fight with these issues is a little knowledge and discipline. We can do it! I’ve gone into most of these things in much greater depth in other places so I’m not going to spend time doing it today. I just want to get out and walk six or seven miles. Because there actually are some positive addictions in this world.


And it’s a good idea to get out and find one. Hold it close to your heart.

And make the bastards pry it from your cold, stiff hands some time in the very distant future.

Jynocel Basweti winning the Suntrust Richmond Marathon with a time of 2:22:22 in 2008

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