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I am trying to do several different things this morning and it’s starting to make me crazy.  So I may have to stop.  Or not.  Let’s try to get through it and then go for a six mile walk.  All will be well.

In the past hour I have been trying to fix blog posts that include a blockquote with a nice, gray background  and not so nice bright orange type.  This will make you crazy and I realize it needs to be fixed.  I never should have used the orange color in the first place.  But I didn’t know I would someday use the gray background in the blockquotes.  So I have to go through 1800 posts and fix it.  I was back in 2010 somewhere and hit a broken link.  Now I can’t find the location.

I have been able to speed up the blog quite a bit and am working on reducing photo size to make it quicker.  Once again, we are talking about lots of posts.

I heard on Imus this morning that there is a report out from Harvard that indicates bloggers enjoy talking about their lives because it has the same effect as eating dessert or having sex.  So I tried to find the report and all I could come up with is a news item about a Harvard professor’s wife who was busted trying to bring marijuana into Bermuda.  She recently went on a weekend getaway with her husband and had the stuff stashed in her underwear.  The drug dogs found it.  No surprise there.  But she did leave the TSA in the dust!

Maybe she should consider blogging as an alternative to trying to have fun in Bermuda.

The photo meme today is Camera Critters.  And I just happen to have a portrait of a great looking camel to share.

Isn’t he cute? I wish I could figure out what he is trying to say. It’s probably something like, “Hey, Mr. Blogger. You should slow down this morning and smell the roses. Or, take a camel next time you go out!”

That’s no doubt a lot better than having a camel since I gave up smoking. And I’m not attracted to camels, either.

And, finally, on a more positive note, do you count your own stats on Google Analytics because you can’t figure out how to eliminate them? It is not the easiest thing to create a filter and get a more accurate count of readers and their behaviors. I found this video on Youtube and it does an excellent job of straightening things out. So, if you are in this boat and have suffered through this post, you hopefully will feel rewarded. Good job! And here it is:


And now it’s time to go walk and clear out the brain. So I can come back later and continue wiping orange type from old posts. Uggh.


Camera Critters

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