Bread Man On A Bicycle / Dow Commercial / Gluten Free Bread

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Every few weeks I like to add a television commercial to the old blog and make a few comments about it. Surprisingly this seems to bring in more readers than my other posts. Why do you think this is?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that some of these commercials are driving people crazy. And they need to find out if they are alone in their struggles to preserve their sanity. So they look on Google. And, voila. Here they are!

And they realize they are not alone.

But this week things are not too bad. This commercial is a little strange. Watching a guy on a bicycle with a tower of bread on his head is not the worst thing to be doing at 10 pm. But it’s not the best either. It’s somewhere in the middle and so we can maintain a certain balance while watching it. Just like the guy on the bicycle.

There’s another guy in it who likes to take baths out on the crowded street.

But it’s really all about gluten free bread. Huff Post has some good information about gluten intolerance and celiac disease, a genetic disorder affecting three million Americans.

But why a commercial with a guy on a bike with a tower of bread on his head? It’s all about balancing our nutritional needs, I guess. Although I can’t imagine it’s as difficult to do as this. How is this even possible? Is there creative editing happening here? Did you ever try to balance a book on your head? During most of the commercial you can’t see the top of the breads. They would still be making it if you could. Take 3 million! (one for every person with celiac disease in the US).

Science! Doing the impossible. That’s the message. Making gluten free products to help folks around the world! And delivering them in sky high piles on bicycles because they don’t pollute the environment with all those nasty car engine fumes!! Not, at least, in a commercial! This adventure in optimism is a dream-like vision that in no way resembles life on earth.

But isn’t that what we see, mostly, on the tube? And why we go back for more on a daily basis?

2 thoughts on “Bread Man On A Bicycle / Dow Commercial / Gluten Free Bread

  1. My favorite gluten free bread is made by Katz. Katz’s gluten free bread is moist and delicious. One would never know they were eating a gluten free product. The rolls are delicious.

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