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beach at dawn


I have some photos from this morning’s walk to post. The light coming off the ocean is awesome around seven am and there were some thick clouds too. How do you get those two things together? Well, it’s not easy but the oceanfront is always full of delightful tricks when it comes to color and light. Hopefully, I have shown that here. I have officially started walking with a small backpack and the Nikon D-40 plus a prime lens. It’s a very light combo. Not light as in color but as in not heavy. Hopefully, there will be something to capture on the digital sensor every day and I will improve in this way. There has to be a photo op somewhere in an eight mile trek somewhere, doesn’t there?

Also, in the near future I will be talking about something that is related, in a way, to walking. We have established, hopefully, that photography is one skill that can be appended to this exercise. But there is another area near to my heart that is related as well. Meditation can be a means to achieving much more than any artistic goal.

And meditation can also be regular practice that does practical things to the body that increase mental and spiritual health. So, you can say, I am going to walk for two hours today and lose weight in the not too distant future. And, you can say, I am going to meditate for two hours today and increase the positive, health-giving energy in my body.

One thing about both activities that I find important is that neither depend on how I’m feeling about them at the moment in order to proceed successfully. Just do it! I really like those Nike shirts and their slogan.

It doesn’t matter how I’m feeling about God or the weather. Just do it. Establish a habit and make it happen. I look forward to walking long distances every morning. And I never, ever thought this would be possible. I was so caught up in inertia, fat and poor habits. And now I’m in the best shape since way back in high school, some four decades ago! Sometimes I feel as if I’m floating down the street when we go out in the evening. Try it! Lose nearly fifty pounds (if you need to), get in shape and be surprised how it feels to walk!

So all of this has led me, as I was saying, to a new project. And applying the same methods to it will lead, I’m fairly confident, to some equally amazing experiences in less than a year.

Work on the body. Work on the spirit. Take pictures.

That ought to keep him busy for awhile. Here are some photos from a walk on a cloudy day. Photographers love cloudy days.


4 thoughts on “Walking And Meditation / Virginia Beach / Walking Photos

    1. Hey Dave. I thought the same thing about the bird. I learned Kriya Yoga years ago after talking lessons with SRF. I need to get back to it. I understand it better now. As we age it brings some things into focus…

  1. You are absolutely right about how exercise helps develop the body and spirit. I can’t walk far with my leg, but we ride bike every other day and I play golf 3 x a week…it all helps. Now, if I could just quit snacking at night!

    These are excellent shots and exhibit the talents of a fine photographer…of course, good photography is made easier with a beautiful beach, stormy weather and long-legged young ladies! 🙂

    1. Thanks Lowell! Good to see you. Did you have a nice vacation? Yes, photography is made much more interesting by the subject(s) and the technology of the camera builders. Being the middle-man means just staying out of the way for the most part!

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