WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Miranda Lambert / Virginia Beach

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The Weekly Photo Challenge over at WordPress is Today! And, of course, today is no longer June 1st when they issued the challenge. Last Friday was a busy day around here and there are lots of photos from the air show already posted. Please check them out if you are interested! And my submission for the photo challenge is going to be something different from all the jets doing amazing things in the sky.

There was a concert Friday evening as Miranda Lambert played and the lightening in the distance gradually got closer and closer. The concert audience couldn’t see it but the players could. And I could, as well, sitting up on our balcony behind the stage. Eventually the skies lit up above the stage and that was the last song they played.

Here is a photo of the concert scene. Every one seemed to have a good time. I’m glad it turned out well!



3 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Miranda Lambert / Virginia Beach

  1. Super photo, Dave! You had quite a view from your balcony. Glad everyone was smart enough to shut down what with lightning lighting up the skies! I got semi-hit once on a Texas golf course…lightning hit behind me and I could feel it in the steel cleats on my golf shoes…very scary!

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