Happy Birthday! / The Blog Is Five Years Old!

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I have been blogging for five years this month and enjoying it a lot! And boy have those five years gone by quickly! I was still working back in 2007. And I was playing Lord of the Rings Online, drinking vodka and getting fat!

Things certainly have changed a lot since then! Now I walk 8-10 miles every morning. And I don’t drink the Devil’s brew although a beer or two is definitely still in the pipeline. I’ve joined some meetup groups and spend much less time in Middle Earth with the hobbits and their friends. I’ve lost 50 pounds and am looking around for camping equipment that is superior in quality and price!

The old blog crashed last year while I was still drinking and playing in the Cpanel (something that you should NEVER do!) but somehow it made it through (just like the old blogger!) and it is plugging along!

It’s all part of the adventure of being retired, getting older and living in America where is there is technically better way of doing just about everything! Walking, for example, requires footwear that won’t mess up your toes, your ankles or other areas of your body. I discovered this after “running” in the half-marathon here in town last November. Only now, after seven months is the blackened toenail down below showing signs of leaving. One of the things I really admire about young people is their desire to find the best equipment for the job. And so their are companies that make great shoes and lots of information, online, about them.

Here’s some I bought today after venturing out to a local sports store.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to come up with some equally viable hiking gear and plan to go out into the wilds soon! But not without the right equipment! And this would definitely include something that would discourage a bear from eating the tender parts of the Virginia blogger whilst he moves along the wooded path.

What could that be? Maybe this?

My mind is going in so many directions it’s difficult to focus on blogging but I did want to post today in recognition of the 5 year mark and let my fabulous and faithful moron readers (whoever you are? Try commenting once in awhile!!) why I’m not so regular as some might hope.

So I’m going to take the Nikon and the video camera out there to Tick City and post about that as soon as all the equipment lines up. It should be hilarious especially if something wild shows up.

There’s just so much to do. And I’m not sitting in front of the computer 12 hours a day anymore. But my goal is to take some good photos and video of stuff out there! In the mountains and rivers and streams of Virginia! I want to be John Muir’s little buddy!

It’s going to be fun. So stick around and let’s make the next five years more interesting than the previous five years. Let’s do it right! And let’s not get eaten by a bear! But if we do and someone posts it on Youtube… Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! / The Blog Is Five Years Old!

  1. I’m confused. This looks different than other blogs by you that I have read. Do you have more than one blog site? Is the other more active? Is the other a different aspect of your personality???

    1. Blogs evolve over time. A lot of things change including the theme, the host, the blogger and the content. But it’s all “the blog”. Hope that helps.

  2. It just looks different! The background color is darker, maybe? Are yousure you don’t have 2 places where you post thoughts?

    1. Martha I can’t really know what you have been looking at and associating with this blog. It’s social networking!! I post things in different places but this is my main blog. My old blog, Virginia Breeze, died last year (2011). Maybe you are thinking about that. Or, maybe, you are thinking about something else. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So where is Tick City? What is Tick City? We have lots of ticks in Florida. Do they count in Tick City?

    Congrats are in order, although I’m not sure longevity by itself is congratulatory stuff. Perhaps it is – for it is said perseverance is a virtue. I think it all depends on what one is persevering about. 🙂

    What I would really congratulate you for is turning your life around. Getting out and getting on with experiencing all that nature and people have to offer. It’s too easy these days to sit on one’s duff for hours on end and eventually turn into a vegetative blog!

    And you are definitely right about getting the right shoes for one’s particular activity!

    1. Tick City is just north of Parasite Park and east of Termite Junction. I hope you have time to visit but be sure to wear your high boots. Thanks for your enthusiasm and your support. You are an excellent blogging buddy! I hope you have a great summer and shoot 68 sometime!

  4. I meant vegetative blob! See, that’s what’s happening to me! Yikes!

    OK, I suppose I can play golf tomorrow if I really have to! Sheesh!

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