Thursday Challenge is “Hot” As In “It’s Even Hot In The Pool!”

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Summer barreled in this year with some 100 degree temperatures here in Virginia.  Kellan and Betsy went to the pool but when you’re in an oven it really doesn’t matter if you’re in a pan full of water!  Plus…the little guy is sick this week and having a tough time.  Get well soon Kellan!

It’s time to head to the ocean.  I’m going to talk Betsy into going down to the beach sometime soon.  I have my ways.

I want to thank some of my readers for commenting on a recent post.  I’m doing a lot more these days and blogging may get put on the back burner if I feel like I’m blogging to the cricket choir.  Some of you may not be very good in the commenting department but I’m sure you have other talents that we don’t see and really are not interested in seeing.

We’re just hopeful that they exist.  Here’s Kellan trying to figure out why his grandfather keeps pointing a dark, metal object in his direction.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge is “Hot” As In “It’s Even Hot In The Pool!”

  1. He looks not unlike our great-grandson, Owen. Only Owen has had so many photographers snapping pics of him since he was born he automatically smiles and poses every time he sees a camera. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad.

    You’re hot up thataway….we’re cool. And we’re at present getting a good soaking from Tropical Storm, Debby!

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