Scenic Sunday / Pool Photo / Where Would We Be Without Sports?

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The thing I like about Scenic Sunday is there’s no pressure! You can take a shot of just about anything that represent scenery! It could be a landscape. It could be a flower. It might even be a photo of a bunch of kids jumping in the pool as the reach for coins! In all this heat we are experiencing lately maybe this could be called a “refreshing” shot.

We are enjoying quite a few refreshments this weekend as we huddle indoors and avoid the sun. But there is some cooler air on the way as a front moves down from New England. That’s good news except for the fact that the inevitable storms will accompany massive changes in the air quality. Oh well!

We watched a great tennis match earlier as Roger Federer won Wimbledon and once again became the number one tennis player in the world. You have to hand it to Roger. He’s handling the transition from single guy to married man with kids with a certain elegance. And it’s not an easy transition as all of us know. I recall a commercial he made a few years back with a certain golfer who didn’t quite make the same transition.

So Roger is back and we wish him well. Hopefully Andy Murray will have his share of Grand Slam wins in the future, too. He seems like a really cool guy and he’s definitely making progress. It was a fun match to watch.

I’m more interested in these guys now because sports are becoming more meaningful to me on a personal level. Walking and hiking are sports, right? They certainly seem like sports that the older generation can enjoy along with golf and a few other things. There isn’t much score keeping, of course, except for the score you keep in your head.

If you can remember to do that.

Apparently there are around 8000 different sports in the world. Chess is considered a sport by some. And all these youngsters searching for coins in the bottom of a pool? Sure! That’s a sport too. I wonder if they counted up the loose change and came up with a winner after it was all over? Sports are just games after all. Most do not end up bringing fame and millions to a few lucky participants.

In fact a few can leave you quite a bit poorer. Isn’t that what sometimes happens when love becomes a sport? Perhaps there are even a few rich and famous golfers who know something about that.

4 thoughts on “Scenic Sunday / Pool Photo / Where Would We Be Without Sports?

  1. You have become a true sport! And your walking and hiking seem to be readjusting your body and your mind. I need to tell you, though, that Tiger Woods read that last wee paragraph, and was thoroughly disgruntled. You don’t want to see Tiger when he’s disgruntled. He’s bad enough when he’s merely gruntled.

    I’m not playing golf today and I’m not rich and therefore I did not have to take umbrage to your comment. I may have umbrage for lunch, though. With mayonaise.

    Have a great week walking and hiking and thinking up funny posts to post on your blogs.

    1. LOL. Pretty funny Lowell. I think the heat has readjusted your mind and body as well. I’m sorry to hear you are not rich. I was going to name my bank after you. Hopefully you can play golf soon. I see you hitting a nice shot into a par three. It bounces once and then runs to the hole. Yes, I see it? What can that mean? I must have fallen asleep over the typewriter again!

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