Hiking And Electrolytes / Going Up The Hill In Downtown Richmond

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Today I went on an eight mile hike downtown (Richmond) with a group from the Central VA Trailblazers. It brought back a few memories of the hike two weeks ago up in the Appalachians where we hiked up a severe slope for about a mile. Except that the trail here was less demanding. Still, it was an endurance test for me in the second half of the journey while going uphill and I began to wonder, “Am I ready to do an 11 mile hike next weekend in this heat and humidity on the Appalachian trail?

At this moment the answer appears to be “NO” but maybe there is another issue that needs to be addressed. Electrolytes. I’m just drinking water and sweating in unbelievable amounts of pure, unadulterated sweat. Maybe there’s a problem here. So I’m going to start using some of this Celtic Sea Salt that is an air dried product. Gatorade does not get high marks in some quarters. And I ordered some bee pollen as well.

Will this get your blogging buddy up the mountain? No idea. But we shall see if the sea salt helps. In the meantime, we have this photo that I really like of the group today. Don’t they all look healthy and ready to go (somewhere)? Imagine what it is like trying to keep up with them. Except that, I cannot use the senior citizen card, because our group organizer, George, is my age (early sixties) and he proceeded up those hills without a problem. They station a group organizer at the beginning and at the end of the line to keep things moving. And George was at the end of the line. So we did spend some time together. Thanks George!

He is going up the mountain next weekend for sure. And he even brings wine with his tent and other necessities.

It should be an interesting weekend.

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