The Early Morning Walker Reflects On His Way

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Early this morning the air was cool and a bit dry (for a change).  It made for a nice walk although I only did six miles because my blistered toe started to hurt again.  After walking I took a look at it and the blister was greatly enlarged.  My idea that it would be good for it to simply have contact with air was not correct.  So I drained it again and added some sterile dressing.  Then I wrapped the three toes together with tape so they can’t rub against each other and cause friction.  It feels much better.  Dr. Thomas has left the building.


But, getting back to the dry air, today marks the first day where there is a slight hint of fall.  Last month was the hottest month on record in the U.S.  Not the hottest July but the hottest month of any month since we have been keeping record.  So this morning’s weather was a blessed event and one that was deeply appreciated (even if accompanied by annoying pain).

My tooth feels better too.  The dentist had to shave more of it off to make room for a new crown after the old one cracked.  The root of the tooth felt “insulted” and has been protesting ever since this happened.  But I left it alone and it has relaxed a bit.  I told it “Whatever does not kill you will make you stronger” and it apparently agreed.  In general, my teeth have been doing much better since I started walking.  My dental hygienist has remarked that my gums look much better and she couldn’t find any cavities for the second time.

I feel stronger on a daily basis and love to walk.  I have to walk in the early morning to feel good.  I sleep better.  I deal with these little adversities more effectively.  This morning I went out and saw someone walking towards me from a distance.  When he was quite near I looked up to say “Good morning” and was surprised to see our next door neighbor.  He looked better than the last time I saw him in a white t-shirt and shorts, slightly soaked in sweat and with a smile.  He’s a few years older than me and has had some more serious health problems.  So the walk started on a high note.  I hope he stays with it.  He won’t regret it if he does.

It may just be my imagination but I seem to be seeing more people walking in our neighborhood as time goes on.  But it makes sense that folks would see the parade happening in the a.m. and decide to join the fun.  It’s not unusual to see ten walkers and joggers in a two hour span.  And there are always a few bicyclists as well.  I wish them well and worry about their futures.  We have had a few deaths in Richmond recently from road accidents.  The crazy drivers run them down.  You will never see me on a bicycle.

Today while I was walking I wondered about the future and how it will feel a few years from now to be walking along these roads.  How will my body feel?  Will a be able to run comfortably the way I walk now?  What will I have learned about my body?  It is teaching me things now about so many things; the foods it needs, the repairs it requires, the strength I didn’t realize it still has on a daily basis.  What will it feel like to be 65 or 70 years old?  Can I evade the scary things I see happening to older folks (and younger ones too) all around me?  Where is all this leading? 

I know it is leading somewhere.  But I can’t see clearly where it is going.  It is an adventure. And today I look forward with great anticipation to the colorful foliage falling on the road in just a few weeks, warm breath condensing in the cold air, the smell of piles of leaves and grass and the sounds of the geese moving out in formation towards a distant home.

And a toe that is healed along with the body it steers around potholes and other potential problems. 


3 thoughts on “The Early Morning Walker Reflects On His Way

  1. Dear Dr. Thomas, I’ve been having problems with my hearing, my eyesight, my left knee, and my back. I saw a chiropractor and was very surprised. She was huge! Have you ever seen a chiropractor before? She was so big she scared me. So, I decided to walk over to a “real” doctor’s office. But I couldn’t find Dr. I.M. Fixible nowhere. I walked and walked and walked. I must have walked for an entire week. It was hard. You try walking for a week without food or water!

    But I kept going because finally someone told me Fixible’s office was at the other end of the parking lot. Finally, I stumbled up to Dr. Fixible’s door only to find to my dismay a sign that said Dr. Fixible had been in an accident and was no longer fixible. He was being cared for by Dr. N.O. Hope. Another sign proclaimed that Dr. Fixible’s patients were now being cared for by Dr. U. R. Sorri, from New Delhi.

    That did it! I had put all my hopes on I. M. Fixible. He was gone. I turned around, fell down the stairs, struggled to my feet and stumbled next door to a McDonalds where I proceeded to down two Big Macs, a chocolate shake and three orders of large fries.

    That’s when I had my heart attack. The doctors who helped me were wonderful, especially B.R. Arkin, DVM. The only problem was I meowed like a cat when I got hungry. Then I met Pretty Good in a bar one night. She was beautiful and I felt Pretty Good for awhile but she slapped my hand and left me in the bar and that hurt so I followed your advice and started walking like I did trying to find Fixible. I walked another full week to the other end of that same parking lot. I must say my hearing and eyesight have improved, and my left knee is able to bend. But my back – still the same. Then I heard that you got my back. Is that true, Dr. Thomas?

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