New Construction Projects Dot The Washington DC Skyline/ Stop The Spending!

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When we were up in Washington DC earlier this year we went to [[wiki:Arlington National Cemetery]]. It’s a solemn and very spiritual place to visit and we spent a good deal of time there walking around the rows and rows of grave sites. We toured the house that used to belong to Robert E. Lee and I wrote at the time how surprised I was to see a photo of our current president in the bookcase with the historical books about our nation’s past and all the terrible things that have happened to it. It’s really a miracle we survived the tearing apart of The Civil War.

And as we walked through the beautiful trees and lawns I looked down over the city and was surprised once again to see all the construction projects dotting the horizon. I had never seen so many huge cranes in just one place. And it reminded me that our government continues to grow and provide great jobs to many in this area while throughout the country unemployment remains stuck over eight percent and 23 million Americans are unemployed or trying to survive on part-time jobs.

America is suffering just as it has so many times in the past. And our people are suffering and dying while the government continues to rake in money we do not have to spend in so many ways. The government cannot employ those 23 million Americans but it can make it easier for jobs to be created. It can stifle its appetite for our money and let us use it for the things we need. Raising taxes on the rich is not going to solve the problem we have in this country. It will simply lead to more spending.

And more cranes pointed towards the sky in places like DC. I’m tired of all the silliness. I’m tired of government picking winners and losers. Let us live our lives, create new things and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Millions of Americans can and will do all that is necessary if the government will just get out of the way.



In a way we are still fighting The Civil War. It’s still all about racial equality, state’s rights, and violent disagreements over everything! But it’s far more complicated now. We have come a long way towards establishing a level playing field for all. But instead of rejoicing in this there always seems to be another reason to continue the war and spend more money.

We can’t continue like this. The country will come apart this time. Or some foreign adversity will take advantage of our disunion and end life as we know it for all of us. We need to get it together and be strong. We need to start working together. And I don’t see the current president encouraging this at all. I don’t know that the other side will do any better. But, at least there’s a chance it will happen.  And, I know we need to stop using the tired, old dialogues of the past and think of some new things to say to each other.  It’s all just so, boring.

The political life of the nation rolls on. And silent ghosts look down from the hills, waiting, and wondering, no doubt, what we are doing to the nation they served and, many times, died to preserve.

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