UFO’s / Mowing The Grass / How Big Is Your Valley?

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Looks like there are some heavy storms heading this way today.  But it’s after 4 pm now and the sun is still shining brightly.  The sky is clear.  But this will not last long.  In fact, it looks darker now in the space of a few sentences.

I hope we don’t lose the electricity again.  I hope, hope, hope, etc…Or I may get to practice my camping skills this weekend.

I walked six miles this morning and then mowed the grass.  It’s funny how my body seems to like walking.  It didn’t feel so good when we started out.  Then, after about four miles, it felt a lot better.  Then, after I finished mowing the backyard, it was tired and wanted to rest.  So, we rested for a few minutes, but the bugs started to zero in on the sweat.  It soon became clear that the best thing to do was finish up and take a shower.

That was the ticket!  Then, I decided to listen to an audio book I recently downloaded.


UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record | [Leslie Kean]

This work is all about UFO’s from a sane person’s point of view. It talks about UFO adventures from the perspective of airline pilots, three star generals, policemen and others who we would assume are reliable witnesses. They have not become half-baked sitting out in the sun. And, believe it or not, some of them have a lot to say, even though they will endure a ton of ridicule from their bosses and their buddies.

Here’s the way I feel about UFO’s (not that you asked). Where are we? You might say “I am sitting in my house next to my computer in Denver, Colorado”. But I don’t look at it that way. I’m sitting in my house next to my computer, also, but I’m really in the middle of a vast area that makes the sun seem like a tiny speck of dust. The universe is enormous and I’m sitting in it. Where are we going? You might say “I am going to the store later and tomorrow I’m going to work downtown”. But I don’t look at it that way. I’m going to dinner tonight at our club but later  I’m leaving this planet and traveling faster than light to somewhere (not sure exactly where).  Years are just moments when one thinks this way.  When will I be going?  Soon!

Now, clearly, there is nothing special about me. I may be just a little more aware on a day to day basis that I’m not stuck in this little place. It’s a huge space and I’m part of it! Eventually I will be exploring it and it’s doubtful if this will ever change! Given the fact that things are this way I don’t really depend on the stuff in this room in order to make up my mind about what is real and what is just ridiculous. There’s plenty of room out there for other civilizations!

I know very little, in other words, but I’m open to finding out more about the way things are. . .

Now it’s totally cloudy outside. The blue sky has gone away. Things change. Count on it.  And be happy.  This is what makes life interesting. 

I also worked on panorama shots today using PSE9 and a handy-dandy book called PSE9  Digital Classroom.  This (these?) photo was (were) taken up at the Shenandoah River where we went last month.



Making panorama shots is so easy! I should have learned how to do it “a long time ago”! But I get distracted easily! Can you tell?  My brain stitches things together and it doesn’t even need PSE9!  But it’s cool to finally figure out how to do the documentation and share these things with you! 


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