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What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn! ~Logan Pearsall Smith

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~Kahlil Gibran


It’s Friday! And we have had some beautiful weather this week here in Virginia. It is cool and dry. The sun feels just right on the skin. A soft breeze has generally been around. You just couldn’t ask for anything nicer.

Here’s another photo of a recent storm down at the beach.



Lightening is all about maintaining balance between earth and sky. Nature does this in a beautiful way. Lightening is amazing to watch, right? But we could say, well, if nature (the earth) delights in having contact with us (see quote above) how do we explain the many lives that are lost each year to lightening strikes and other natural disasters?

In my view nature takes care of us in many ways but it is not about making sure everyone lives to be X number of years old. There is a difference between providing living things with clean air, food and water and protecting us until we keel over in a nursing home. Think about the recent hurricane that came ashore around New Orleans. People drowned in the deluge. But the storm relieved the suffering of many living things as it relieved drought in the middle of the U.S. .

Nature didn’t put up railings around the Grand Canyon. And people do fall into it and die. We are responsible for some things. And one of them would be to avoid getting hit by lightening if possible. Nature is not impersonal. I believe it responds to us as living beings. But it’s not going to protect us at all times.

Nature treats us a little differently than our mothers treat us. Although I can remember, long ago, my mother telling me I should join the army. I was being immature at the time and this was during the Vietnam War. Joining the army would have meant a one way ticket to the jungle and some man-made dangers as well.

So, maybe mothers and nature are not all that different. It’s complicated but also worth the time and energy to consider, “What is my relationship with nature?”. Have you thought about it lately?

3 thoughts on “Virginia Beach Photos / Logan Pearsall Smith / Kahlil Gibran

  1. So SOOOOOO deeply moving. The photos, and that YOU were out there early to see THIS sunrise, this sunrise that will never be exactly like THIS one. And you saw and experienced this fabulous lightning (and to get SUCH a good shot of it, WOW). Every day I see you becoming more and more who you reeeally are. It is truly beautiful. You are. I love the question you raise, and your wise insights in to Nature and “Mother”. Maaaan, dear David, it all so moving. I really love this post. But then I love them all. Witnessing your evolution, your “going home” to self, The Self, which we all are, is so profound. You inspire me every single day. Thank you and bless you for the choices you are making.

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