Running In The Richmond Half-Marathon / Jogging And Taking Photos Too

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Today there was a marathon, half-marathon and 8k race here in Richmond so there were tons of folks downtown and lots of photo ops. I ran in the half-marathon for the second year and decided to take the little point and shoot I use for backpacking to, hopefully, distract my senses from the cries of muscles and old bones. And it worked! Up to a point. I ran most of the way and knocked almost an hour off my previous time. I’m at least 20 pounds lighter this year and using better equipment, too. The weather was perfect as well.

So I decided to edit the photos and add captions to each of them. Hopefully, this will make them a little more interesting. Betsy met me at the 8 mile mark and also took some photos which I have identified. They added thousands of spots to the half-marathon this year. It is a very, very popular race. And it’s challenging too. Plus, you get to run next to some superhuman athletes, if only for a few moments, as the blow past on their way to incredible times in the marathon.

So here are the photos and now I’m going to relax and watch some college football. Zachary called me yesterday and told us he is going to be part of the color guard at the Baltimore Ravens game tomorrow in Baltimore. So we need to tune in to that and see him in his handsome uniform holding the flag. He finally made it to the pros and no one laid a scratch on him!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and don’t forget to get out and walk!

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