How To Deal With the Coming Debt Crisis

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I’m having trouble understanding something and I hope someone can help me with it. It’s not really political in nature. It’s more about economics. I realize we all have different views about a lot of things in the national discussion going on EVERY DAY!

No breaks on the weekends. They are still jabbering about some nonsense at 3 a.m. if you ever are so desperate for sleep you tune in then. One good thing is that it will put you OUT. So there’s that. Just don’t actually think about it because it will possibly make you mad and then you will be awake when the birds start to chirp.

Then you must get up. Make some coffee. Curse the television. And never watch it again! Except when they show something that is actually good, entertaining and interesting. It does happen. About once a year.

So I’m having trouble understanding why everyone is not primarily concerned about the government’s sixteen trillion dollar debt. On a graph you can see the line heading almost straight up like the space shuttle!! And nothing grows to the sky. It’s going to come crashing down at some point. And that’s going to LEAVE A MARK!

Why aren’t all Americans behind the idea that this has to be fixed? I don’t get it. And I don’t believe anybody really believes you can tax rich people enough to fix it. You could take ALL their money and it wouldn’t be enough! It wouldn’t even come close. So what’s the problem? People don’t understand math? Maybe. Or they are too busy to think about it? Or they are dying and feel like it doesn’t matter.

But what about their kids? Their friends? It’s such an enormous amount and it’s going to be 20 trillion in a few years. At some point it’s going to take everything we’ve got just to pay the interest on it!  I suppose there are a lot of folks out there that believe, well, yes, raising taxes on the rich won’t do it so we need to raise them on my middle-class neighbors (we just don’t want to mention it right now).  John, across the street, just bought a new boat so he can give more.  And, if he can’t he should just sell the thing!  It’s a hole in the water collecting bills, anyway!  Or, and this is interesting, I need to vote for the Dems even though the Reps know more about the debt, because of global warming!  If the world is screwed, does our financial situation even matter!  And this is true.  If, in fact, you believe in global warming.  The Reps might actually find more folks voting for them if they were more concerned about the planet!

You can believe this or that about a lot of things and I don’t really care. Life is too short to worry about so many things. But this thing will destroy our economy and lead to a very long depression. Or, they will inflate the money supply and kill everybody’s savings AND THEN there will be a very long depression.  Which may lead to fewer particulates in the stratosphere.  So, maybe, that’s the answer.  I don’t know.

In any case, there are many important ways to spend money but you can’t spend what you don’t have! And we don’t have it. It’s not there! So how can we keep spending it? Well, it won’t go on forever, as I said, and, I suppose, nobody is going to take a reasonable approach to fixing it. So MATH will take care of it. REALITY will take care of it. And everybody will stand around with a shocked face.

It will hurt a lot. But, hopefully, we will learn from this and not let it happen again as we live on  tomatoes growing on our window sills or in the back yard.  If we still have backyards!  One of the reasons I have bought a couple of tents and learned about camping is that I’m preparing for these events (once again I must report my lovely wife has been rolling her eyes). I have a little tent (for me) and a big tent (for everybody else).

It’s no fun sleeping with other people in a tent. It’s hard enough sleeping in one alone! But I share this to impress upon you the importance of preparing for the apocalypse AHEAD OF TIME! Things will be a little easier when the time comes. So get your own tent! And let the poor unfortunates sleep in the other one.

Also, get a good sleeping pad! And an Ipod with Audiobooks in case you miss your television.  The rest of the family can fill old pillowcases with pine needles and leaves.

And don’t pitch the two tents too close to each other!  Leave a space.  About a mile and a half should do the job.   It’s going to be difficult to survive in the coming years but WE CAN DO IT!  If we work together!  And avoid arguing about all of this!


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