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I’ve been doing a few photo memes lately. They are always fun and don’t take a lot of creative energy (I’m wiped after the horrific events of the past few days up in New England). This photo is of a man and his son (I presume) doing some climbing with a rope (what’s that called?) near the Appalachian Trail here in Virginia. Watching him teach his son I was impressed by how dangerous this can be if you don’t pay attention to details. You have to be focused.

But these are the things that men, and women, enjoy doing. I can see trying it sometime (with some expert advisers nearby!). But I would have a difficult time because I would be thinking about the equipment. Stuff breaks, after all! I’ve seen it break! And I would not be aware of the history of the equipment that was keeping me from plunging onto the rocks below. I would have to TRUST the people who took care of the equipment (who I probably wouldn’t know very well). And that would be difficult.

So it might be awhile before something like this happens. . .

But I’m still hiking and enjoying nature. And, to a lesser degree, you have to trust the folks you take with you into the woods. And trust the hunters (out there) won’t mistake you for a deer (hopefully). And yourself (pay attention!).






4 thoughts on “Photo Friday / Men

  1. Hi Dave! I want to know where you were to take these photos! I wouldn’t do this for all the proverbial tea in China! I hate heights. Hate them. I don’t like to stand on a kitchen stool! I have an SUV and I hate climbing up into the seat! Well, that’s not really true, but you get the point.

    Re On Top of the World: No we live just north of OTOW. OTOW has about 30,000 folks (over 55) and has been in existence about 30 years. There are a variety of residences you can buy and it has three golf courses. It’s a nice place, but most old folks. Same of Stone Creek where we live. But we’re moving. Back into town. In a regular house in a regular neighborhood. Yeah!

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