Backpacking To Calf Mountain In Winter

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This past weekend we went up to Skyline Drive here in Virginia to backpack in the snow and ice. It was an adventure. I would go into more detail but I’m still too sore to type. It was a good learning experience and we are all blessed to have returned home in one piece. Just about every one of the ten hikers on this trip took a fall at some point. Fortunately nobody landed on a rock or tumbled down the side of a mountain. Would I do this again? Yes, but not without micro-spikes. I have learned some important things on each camping trip and this one was no exception. Have the proper gear. Stay as safe as possible.

I took these with my little Canon Powershot. I have to hand it to Canon. This is a nice, little point and shoot. And it doesn’t seem to mind if you drop it on its head every once in awhile. It’s difficult keeping the lens clean while you are dragging a pack around in all kinds of weather. But once all this other stuff becomes second-nature perhaps I will take time to clean the little sucker every few minutes.

It’s beautiful in the woods when snow covers the ground. The views are incredible. Here are some photos. Have some coffee. Be happy you are warm.

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