Andrea Bocelli’s New CD / When I Fall In Love

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This post is dedicated to all you lovers out there. All of you.

Somewhere along the line you gave you heart to someone. And, hopefully, that person is taking care of it. Gently holding it away from the flames. Because nobody wants a barbecued organ. Karma is never more certain than in the case of love. We see it happening every day. So be kind. Be gentle. And remember the things you said when you fell. In love.

Andrea Bocelli recently released a new album, Passione.

As we approach the great day (need I be more specific?) let us all think about the ones who are close to us. They remind us that Heaven is not far away.

Whenever I see two people in love I am reminded of my own love. I see her in the eyes of each lover and I hear her in the laughter that rises in the air on a cool, summer’s evening. Her eyes are everywhere. And I love her always . . .

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