White Oak Canyon / Cedar Run Trail / Shenandoah National Park

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Yesterday we went up to the White Oak Canyon/ Cedar Run Trail in the Shenandoah National Park for a strenuous hike of approximately ten miles. There are some beautiful vistas in this area of waterfalls, streams, mountains and valleys. And I did get some photos during the first half of our journey although the back nine involved a slow but determined effort to simply finish.

I was walking at a snail’s pace over many, many small rocks that sometimes appeared to be more like arrow heads pointed in my direction. At one point I looked over at the rushing water that accompanied us down the mountain and heard it say, “Take your time. We are here always. Look at our pools of water. We seem to rush along but then we take time to be still. You should do this as well”.

I took their advice and the pain in my feet lessened. The muscles in my legs recovered a bit. And I avoided a damaging fall.

There is still snow on the tops of mountains here in Virginia! It is 6 inches deep in some places on the trail in the high elevations. So we went through this for awhile. It rained for twenty minutes or so up there but the sun also played with us and we could feel the air warm as we came down the trail. It must have been over sixty degrees in some places and in the low forties in others.

It was a challenging hike easily as difficult as running a half-marathon but this morning other than feeling sore there are no problems. We can all feel a sense of accomplishment.


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