Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts / Internationally Renowned Glass Artist Dale Chihuly / Tom Wolf Back To Blood

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Betsy and I recently went to the Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts to see the Chihuly exhibit and have lunch for Valentine’s Day. There is so much there to see besides the extraordinary glass art works. I was particularly drawn to the Medieval and Renaissance tapestries on this visit.

And so we have photos. The weather today is cold, gray and rainy or snowy, depending on when you look at it. So let’s just try and ignore it. I went out and walked 4.5 miles while listening to Tom Wolf’s Back To Blood which was released last October and designated as one of Amazon’s Best Books of the Month. Soon I am going to go to a place we had dinner a few weeks ago and order one of their sixteen inch pizzas. It was so good for days after we brought it home the first time. Widgets

I must have more. If you can’t have spring at least you can try to substitute other things for it. Although a mildly futile gesture it keeps us busy while we wait for something else to happen. And what might happen you might ask? Well, a government across the big water let the world know that it was taking a large chunk of everyone’s bank balance in Cyprus this morning. That was mildly surprising. So anything can happen at any time although I’m not betting on winning the lottery or being swallowed by a sink hole today. It’s more likely to be some small event that jerks my chain.

Why worry about it? Because I need the sun, dammit! Where did it go? And when is it coming back for more than five minutes? Fifty shades of gray sky is killing my libido and everything else that is attached to my cold, white skin. I’m no longer depressed by the desolation of winter. Now I’m mad. That may be progress in some strange way but it’s not pleasant. So I sit here boosting colors in photos and letting steam rise from my ear holes.

And also, wondering what the world would be like if a majority of the people suddenly decided that politicians should be treated like, I don’t know, maybe like minorities were treated 150 years ago. Would someone please write a book about that. And please make sure there is an audio version. Thank you. Here are the photos.


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