Columbarium Dedication At Arlington National Cemetery

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Today I went up to DC to visit Zachary and participate in the dedication of a new columbarium at Arlington National Cemetery.   A columbarium is a structure that contains niches for the storage of funeral urns.    It was an interesting ceremony although the jets from Reagan National drowned out some of the words.   Is there any way we can shut down that airport?  It creates noise pollution and the airplanes messed up some of my shots. Here’s a photo of the new area being dedicated and a jet in the background looking like it’s heading towards the moon.


This evening I drove back to Richmond on I95.  They are repaving parts of it so the traffic was squeezed into one lane a couple of times.  I have a suggestion.  Instead of fixing the road five miles here and five miles there they should just fix it in one ten mile stretch.  Then we would only have to go through the dance to get things down to one lane ONE TIME.

But I digress.  It was warmer today.  Spring has finally found us and not a moment too soon.



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