Labor Day Thanks / You Guys Are Great

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Labor Day weekend is here! Or nearly here. It appears to me that the workers who are building our porch have started early because I don’t hear them outside. And probably there are many others who are making a four day weekend happen. Good for them! And I would like to take time on this bright Friday morning to remember some of the people who do such good work and will, hopefully, have a great holiday!

The first one who comes to mind is my wife, Betsy! I wrote recently that she had a small blemish removed from her chrome dome and I was very worried but, thankfully, the report came back yesterday and guess what! It was a wisdom spot! So I am on the moon with happiness and dancing around with joy. If you get a chance this evening, take your telescope out in the backyard and witness what you already knew! That’s right. I can’t dance!
betsy and marvin
But, nevertheless, it should be entertaining. Next on my list is Robin Easton, publisher of Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest. Robin has been off the grid for awhile but she recently surfaced and wrote me an email suggesting she is doing well although she is tired from all her activities! Once again, I am jumping with joy and feeling the warm sunshine bathe my bod on the lunar surface! Robin, you inspire me to work hard while celebrating life and growing closer to the earth and your mystical embrace.
Thanks to Robin Easton

And right in the middle of all this is Zachary, my son, who recently was commended for the work he is doing with the US Coast Guard and enjoyed, as a result, the opportunity to sit down for a meal with the Washington Redskins up in DC and perform in a ceremony as well. Nice going, Zach! Zachary is also getting married in September and we look forward to a ceremony of a different kind as he joins the lovely Amanda in wedded bliss. As I look down on the earth I can make out his 6′ 4″ frame shaking with anticipation.
zach and mia2

Jena, my oldest child, is returning to her duties as a special ed teacher this week. She is never far from my thoughts as she does an amazing job with the kiddies at school and her own young ones. So patient and kind she is and still full of laughter and good cheer!

And Jeremy, my son, is also a positive force in the world. He recently started a new job in North Carolina purifying water and he always blows me away with his performance as a husband and father. All my children are babies still in my heart and remind me that it is they who speak.

me and jeremy


There are so many more I remember on this august weekend. My father who always did such a great job at work and home and is still the rock upon which we all stand in this family. My sisters who still love their brother after so many decades of abuse. My father-in-law, Joe Jack, who regales us with entertaining stories and my seriously funny step-daughter, Stephanie, and her family. Kellan!, Steph and Marvin’s son, who is such a joy to have around! My hiking buddies (especially Dewey, a hard working, extremely intelligent prof at VCU who reminds me fairly often, without ever saying it, that I am an idiot, in a way that seems funny, even to me). The construction guys I mentioned earlier who planted a porta john on our front lawn not too long ago and help my understand why Snow White was so happy out in the woods with her little friends. My FB friends who tolerate my daily posting of walk/run times and often give encouraging feedback when I post photos and blog entries. You guys rock!

me and dad
Me and Dad 1952

Well, I could go on all day with Labor Day thanks but I hear the guys outside firing up the circular saw, so apparently they have not the day off as we remember that there are many great workers who do not get paid if they stretch the weekend. As I also remember that there are many great workers who hope and pray they will have some work to do in the days ahead.

As I give thanks for our good fortune, all of us, and pray for good things in the future for all who work, struggle, sweat, swear, shrug off pain, deal with the demands of their bosses, go without sleep, respond to their alarm buzzers at ungrateful hours, make difficult decisions and bring home the bacon. You guys are great.

Family and friends. Workers everywhere. Thank you.


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