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The body is so predictable, isn’t it? But the mind, ah, that is a different story. And then the soul is really the essence of all things. So these are three stages of experience.

We can go in different directions, depending on our point of view.

I’ve been having a lot of fun, lately. I have been walking for about two years now and lost a lot of weight. As a result of all that exercise I decided to join a hiking group and have had many cool adventures up in the mountains. I have met a lot of people too.

Before all of this, when I was overweight and probably depressed, I used to sit at home and play Lord of the Rings Online. Being an introverted sort of person, I seldom got out and spent much time at home. I have a great wife, Betsy, who took great care of me and I tried to take care of her, too. But Betsy is not interested in hiking or prescribed exercise at this time in her life. She is very busy taking care of Kellan, our grandson, and her dad, since her mom passed away last winter. She stays busy, for sure, and exercises in many ways while doing this.

Betsy has been very supportive of my activities and I love her for being this way. She is a very selfless person and wants only the best for everyone in our family.

So I have been hiking and also pursuing photography activities. We had a Meetup downtown today that was amazing. It involved firefighters and a remembrance of 911. I will post some photos soon.

I’m very fortunate to have the freedom to pursue things these things. And it’s probably good for my introverted soul to get out and meet people. I’m not immune to the things that can happen along the way, either. I’m totally capable of feeling young and attractive to someone I don’t even know. I’m foolish enough to begin thinking I have a thirty year old body instead of a sixty year old one that just got tuned up. It’s a guy thing, I guess.

Fortunately, I’m also aware that feelings come and go. It’s all in the mind (unless you decide to act impulsively). Love is something different. Love doesn’t come and go. It arrives and it stays as long as we continue to grow.

But that doesn’t mean that feelings are not important. That doesn’t mean we should not have friends whom we love in a meaningful way. It doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the company of men and women who are so beautiful, in their own way, that they amaze us. For those of us who are romantics at heart there is no way around this. These feelings we have are more important than the Super Bowl, for sure!

It all takes place in this tiny space in my mind. It doesn’t mean I am never tempted. But it does means that I no longer willing to hide in a room and am willing to risk it all on highways running up and back from the mountains. Or in relationships with people who I would like to get to know.

And, alright, yes! Some of them have beautiful smiles too. But when you have been around awhile you know how quickly that can change. And you remember, too, that you are old and an idiot.

It’s like a cold shower for the brain. It works every time.

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