Game Of Thrones Ending Spoilers

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Here’s some ideas about the GOT final episode….having enjoyed the many seasons on HBO and also reading the books…..


The Dragon Lady has gone over the edge and her lover down below watched it happen.  They are going to have a conversation.  She views him as a threat to her whole being…as a ruler and the person she has become over the years.  She will try to destroy him and he will probably try to destroy her….because she has become a tyrant.   And that’s what Jon Snow does.  But Arya Stark is still around.  And she is a deadly force.  She destroyed Death.  So while Jon is not really capable of killing Daenerys Targaryen because..well…he’s Jon and he would rather take a blade in the kidney than hurt the woman he loves…Arya can do the job without blinking.


So Arya is going to kill the Dragon Lady.   Jon doesn’t want to rule so he will go off somewhere…probably to the north.

And who is left to rule?


Tyrion Lannister


Or…..and I think this is quite inspirational actually….Arya wins the game and rules uniting the North and the South pretty much effortlessly.

Think about it.  The lady who conquered death and walked away with very little fanfare.  Think about that party after the victory.  They should have been singing songs to Arya…at her feet.

The meek shall inherit the earth.  Lots of biblical references lately….the Pale Horse???

After the Apocalypse…..

Arya who saw her father beheaded will rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Five years later…

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Things change as we go through time..and help us understand the illusionary nature of life. If we want to understand who we are and where we are going it is helpful to first realize that our lives are like a movie screen. These things we see and touch are three D….but they are just a movie screen…enhanced. With smell and other things…very enticing. But still just a movie.

We are watching our lives unfold. We are souls. We are sons and daughters of God. We are enormous.

We are closely connected with the creator of the universe. The universe is large. Very large.

When we think we are small we are delusional.

We are not understanding the main point.

Anyway….I’ve restarted this blog. After five years. We could possibly get into some of what has been happening or is going to happen.

It’s not really very important. This is not an avenue to media happiness.

This is just…life.

Walking Every Day . . .

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2 years later . . .


Curse the age. Drive you body into the ground. Still your thoughts. Remember who you are.

You are a soul and you are beautiful. But this world has eaten your flesh.

He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest. ~
Dylan Thomas

Do not go gently into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light. ~
Dylan Thomas

An alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you do. ~
Dylan Thomas

Though lovers be lost love shall not.
~Dylan Thomas

Rise up. Battle with your foe. Even in the darkness of depression you still have a sword. And it is you. I know who you are and I do not believe that you are not great. Don’t be a pussy. Don’t pretend. Arise. The days you have will never end. You might as well get started.

We Go To DC/ Andrea Bocelli In Concert

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It has been cold and rainy here in Virginia for awhile now and Betsy was sick with a stomach virus that laid her up in bed for a few days. So as the day approached for the Andrea Bocelli concert in Washington DC I was not sure if we would even be able to go. But my lovely wife rallied and the skies cleared up, although it remained cold. We drove two hours up to the southern reach of the Metro system and glided the rest of the way to the Verizon Center.
And so it turned out to be one of the loveliest experiences we have had in quite a long time. Emerging from the subway there were tents and vendors with many, many Christmas items next to the National Portrait Gallery.
This made someone happy. Can you tell? Then we went inside to view an exhibit entitled, A Democracy of Images Photographs. Truly fascinating photos by photographers in America from the time the art first emerged in the early 1800’s until today.
  Then we went to dinner at Corduroy with a good friend of ours, Kurt, who has worked at the Library of Congress for over thirty years. And then we said goodbye and headed for the concert. Andrea was amazing as usual. There were five encores ending with his amazing rendition of Nessun Dorma. I never really expected to see Andrea Bocelli in concert so this was an amazing treat, a Christmas experience I will never forget. Betsy had a great time, too, and we enjoyed the adventure together. Back to the Metro we went and down I-95 where construction is ever present. We got home well after one in the morning and I was asleep about two minutes after my head hit the pillow. Daily walking has its rewards. Here are some photos.

Halloween Will Soon Be Here

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So I went out walking/running this morning as I usually do and I was thinking about Stephen King and his great novel, The Stand. If you Google a list of Stephen’s novels and try to determine which one is at the top this one comes up on a regular basis. And I have been reading it on the Kindle. Because you can easily read on the Kindle if you are standing up and walking around if you have restless legs. As I do. But thanks to Strattera it is in abeyance and I have hope for the future. Beware, young people, the things that await you in the middle aged world and beyond (if you make it that far).

We are now in October and there are some really nice things coming out on FB. Lots of goolish things. Are you going to a Halloween party? It’s all about your fantasies and good luck with that. Mine have been captured by “The King” lately and so I was out walking and thinking about the dark man in his novel this morning. Yes, I was focusing for a few moments on that close disciple of Satan and then, with a shudder, I continued on down the road and put him out of mind. It was a good walk. The sky is dry and sunny. The temperature was perfect. We got home without any close encounters with cars although several drivers wanted to park along the road and appeared to be trying to run me over for just a second or two.

When I reached home I looked down at the smartphone to turn the stupid thing off and there it was. . . You have walked 6.66 miles in a little over 90 minutes.

I had thought it was a pretty good workout. Until this moment. But had your faithful blogger summoned a response from the dark man? Could it be that he is having a little joke with me?

I hope not. We try to be anonymous as we drive the roads and hike along the mountain paths. We do not worry too much about drivers who are out of their gourds with alcohol or bears that need a next meal, desperately.

But it is October. And Halloween is just around the corner. Rest easy my fellow passengers on the lightship Earth. We will make until Christmas and the birth of our savior. Or, at least, most of us will. . .


Dad And His Kids

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me and my kids


Here is a photo of me and my children taken at Zach’s wedding this past weekend. I don’t think the photographer got any photos of the four of us. But this one is fine. Everyone has their eyes open. I will probably write more about the wedding in the future but, for now, I would just like to say that it was a wonderful experience. We are not all together often.

Zachary and Amanda are off on the honeymoon this week. Jeremy and Jena are back to work and raising families. I am back to walking every day and planning events for our meetup group.

Moments like this one are over so quickly. But we have the photos and the memories.

Friday the 13th Incident A Day Early

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So today is Friday the 13th. What does that mean, exactly? I’m not sure. I do know that I’ve had issues, this week, and I’m hoping, maybe, that they were not some sort of warning about today. Like warning signs on the highway. Slow, slower. Maybe you should park under your bed when it gets here . . . Last night (Thursday, the 12th) we had a nice hike over at the University of Richmond. Back in the days when I started walking and losing a lot of weight I used to walk the paths at U of R. So I felt confident about leading a hike with a group from the Central Virginia Trailblazers. The University of Richmond is an important part of the Richmond landscape and it has been voted, at least on one occasion, as the most attractive campus in the nation.

But I was worried about the weather. It was hot and humid yesterday and T-storms were in the offing. But then the weather took a turn for the better and we headed out on our walk around the campus. All was well until ominous, dark clouds headed in from the west and I took a sharp turn to the east, back through the wonderful International Center building and down the road to our cars.


Everyone was returned safely to their cars and I headed home when the heavens opened up and delivered a deluge to our area. It was dark. The rain came down in sheets and I was relieved to reach my neighborhood and make the final turn to safety. Warmth, comfort and cheery lights in a dry house with two, slightly on edge, doggies was just a few feet away.

Except that when I made that final turn, seeing dimly our corner the street sign, I forgot that it is on the right side of the street, not the left, and I turned into a ditch that frames the property of our next door “neighbor”.


It was at this point that things got a little odd. I called AAA and they assured me someone would come around in 15 minutes to back my car out of the ditch. But it took about an hour for him to show up because, he said, he had to pull 3 or 4 other folks out of ditches because they also had problems with this torrential storm. Not a problem, really, except that my “neighbor” showed up a few minutes before he got there and wanted “my information”. I told her I lived across the street! Then she wanted the police. So when the AAA guy showed up he called the police and they came. A young man, clearly endowed with innate wisdom, arrived and walked over to us for a short conversation. I told him what happened. My “neighbor” suggested that I had hurt her driveway. But the car was several feet from her driveway. It was in the ditch. It had not touched her driveway. She suggested that she couldn’t see the situation very well because it was very dark. He suggested she could come out in the morning and sweep the dirt and pebbles around. She retired from the scene. The AAA guy backed up my car in about 30 seconds. We all went on our separate ways. The young policeman told me on his way out that he hoped the rest of my evening would be “better”.

I don’t know my neighbor. Our other neighbors have had issues with her but I don’t really worry about that. I do know that she planted many plastic Flamingos in her yard as, I guess, some sort of protest, awhile back. A flock of plastic Flamingos in this neighborhood is not, generally, well received. People who are like this depress me. They obviously have issues. They have been abused in some way and feel it is necessary to strike back at every opportunity.

While I was waiting for the AAA guy a lot of our neighbors drove by and stopped. They wanted to know if everyone was alright. When I think about this incident I prefer to remember them. I prefer to think we want to help each other when an accident occurs.

Being In Love

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Am I in love, today? Oh, yes I am. I am in love with my wife, my beautiful Betsy, whom I met thirteen years ago. Every day I seek her out and try to discover what she is feeling . . . And I am in love with Robin, who I met five years ago on the internet. She is a mystical being, so full of love that many, many souls have come to her. We love her very much. And I am in love with my children. They will always be in my heart. And my father and my sisters too. I love them.

I am in love with my group of hikers. We go up the trail and suffer for it. We invade the trees and the stones. We arise to the tops of mountains and view the valleys below. I watch them sweat and I love them for it. I am in love with the trees. And I am breathless when they change their colors or sway in the wind.

I am in love with the next beautiful woman who smiles at me. I cannot turn away. She has enthralled me with her brief attention. I watch the tight sinews that propel her upward and sigh. I engage in the words that speak of years gone by . . . of sweat and embraces.

I love the words of this song, Paradise. And remember the time when we were boys and ran. We played baseball in a field below all the houses. We raced to the bases. We tried our best to hit the ball a long ways into the woods. None of the girls were there. They were back in the houses struggling with things we could not imagine. And I wish they had been with us. Now. I wish they had shared in our dreams.

Jennifer died too young. I remember her on our school bus. She may have had a small crush on me but I never made her happy. I never loved her the way I do now. She died from cancer not long ago. We thought, back then, that love was about the binding of bodies and nothing else mattered. But we were young and foolish. It’s about the bonding of souls. And ours are together now. I feel your presence dear one. You went forward to the front of the class. You met God before we were ready to deal with our old ages. You didn’t ask for it, like our brother, Scott, who died but you accepted it when it happened.

You accepted all of it and you rose above it.

It will not be too many years before we are all together again. All of us and our children, too. Perhaps we will play in a field full of rainbowing bubbles and fences that laugh with us as we try to jump into the clouds.

I would just like to say, now, that I love you all and I live each day to feel your joy. This world holds few rewards for me beyond your smiles whether I can see them here or feel them from above. Hold me in your embraces. There are moments when I wonder about my sanity. But, then I dream. And you are all here and happy, at last. The slowness of it all has gone and the lightness of our true lives has come to pass.


Loving Someone New

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The body is so predictable, isn’t it? But the mind, ah, that is a different story. And then the soul is really the essence of all things. So these are three stages of experience.

We can go in different directions, depending on our point of view.

I’ve been having a lot of fun, lately. I have been walking for about two years now and lost a lot of weight. As a result of all that exercise I decided to join a hiking group and have had many cool adventures up in the mountains. I have met a lot of people too.

Before all of this, when I was overweight and probably depressed, I used to sit at home and play Lord of the Rings Online. Being an introverted sort of person, I seldom got out and spent much time at home. I have a great wife, Betsy, who took great care of me and I tried to take care of her, too. But Betsy is not interested in hiking or prescribed exercise at this time in her life. She is very busy taking care of Kellan, our grandson, and her dad, since her mom passed away last winter. She stays busy, for sure, and exercises in many ways while doing this.

Betsy has been very supportive of my activities and I love her for being this way. She is a very selfless person and wants only the best for everyone in our family.

So I have been hiking and also pursuing photography activities. We had a Meetup downtown today that was amazing. It involved firefighters and a remembrance of 911. I will post some photos soon.

I’m very fortunate to have the freedom to pursue things these things. And it’s probably good for my introverted soul to get out and meet people. I’m not immune to the things that can happen along the way, either. I’m totally capable of feeling young and attractive to someone I don’t even know. I’m foolish enough to begin thinking I have a thirty year old body instead of a sixty year old one that just got tuned up. It’s a guy thing, I guess.

Fortunately, I’m also aware that feelings come and go. It’s all in the mind (unless you decide to act impulsively). Love is something different. Love doesn’t come and go. It arrives and it stays as long as we continue to grow.

But that doesn’t mean that feelings are not important. That doesn’t mean we should not have friends whom we love in a meaningful way. It doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the company of men and women who are so beautiful, in their own way, that they amaze us. For those of us who are romantics at heart there is no way around this. These feelings we have are more important than the Super Bowl, for sure!

It all takes place in this tiny space in my mind. It doesn’t mean I am never tempted. But it does means that I no longer willing to hide in a room and am willing to risk it all on highways running up and back from the mountains. Or in relationships with people who I would like to get to know.

And, alright, yes! Some of them have beautiful smiles too. But when you have been around awhile you know how quickly that can change. And you remember, too, that you are old and an idiot.

It’s like a cold shower for the brain. It works every time.